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Today we discuss builders’ ironmongery, otherwise known as builders’ hardware! More particularly, door handles. We have a fantastic range of door handles and other hardware suitable for builders’ use, including durable cheap hardware and more expensive specialised options. With an extensive range of door handles and knobs available at Handles 4 Doors, we’re here with what we think the best handles for builders are.

So What Door Handles Would We Recommend For Builders’?

For a practical and inexpensive solution to a sturdy and efficient door handle, why not try aluminium door handles? Our classic Frelan Hardware Aluminium Round Bar Door Handle on Backplate will do the job effortlessly. Developed during the 1970’s the simple geometric lines featured on this product are still relevant today. With its graceful and smooth €œback to door€ design ensuring optimum safety for the public, you simply can’t go wrong, making it ideal for many commercial applications, including offices and schools and public areas of buildings. This robust and virtually maintenance-free door handle is also completely recyclable, taking you one step further to an environmentally-friendly business all customers want nowadays!

Alternatively, why not go for our Carlisle Brass Victorian Door Handle on Backplate which you can stock cheaply and easily. This traditional model is timeless, so whoever your customer is, they will be free to change their modern or traditional décor as much as they like, without your door handle ever impacting their taste.

We have a variety of pull handles great for builders, so if you’re looking for interior door handles for offices or larger buildings, why not consider our pull door handles? For instance our Access Hardware Tubular Pull Handle Back to Back or Eurospec CSL Range 19mm Diameter Stainless Steel Pull Handle which are tough, durable, fantastically priced and both have a stainless steel finish.

Remember that as well as door handles and knobs, we also stock a large range of different varieties of hinges, locks, and other features and fittings for you to choose from!

Contact Handles 4 Doors Today

Of course, we don’t just stock door handles for builder’s use. We have a comprehensive range of handles that are perfect if you’re looking to undertake a little extra DIY yourself. We don’t just stock door handles either! Our range of door furniture, accessories, cupboard handles and much, much more is truly extensive. Whatever your requirements, we have a handle, lock or door accessory for you.

Whether you’re a tradesman, or just a simple DIY enthusiast, you’ll never have any complaints with our range of door handles suitable for builders! Find the perfect door handles for your needs at Handles 4 Doors today. Visit our showroom or browse our collection online at Alternatively, call our team on 01252 786510 or e-mail [email protected].

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