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Door hinges may not be the most exciting item to buy, but they are pretty essential. Here are a few tips on what size and finish to select for your doors.

For Standard 35mm Thick Doors
Most residential internal doors are 35mm thick and the ideal size hinge for this thickness is 3″ x 2″ or 75mm x 50mm. The most common types of hinge for a standard door are washered butt hinges or ball bearing hinges. Ball bearing hinges are often more popular as they can have a smoother action than washered hinges. However, do be aware that ball bearing hinges generally have a larger knuckle than a washered hinge. If you are looking for a more discreetly sized knuckle then go for a washered hinge. You can use 2 or 3 hinges per door. We usually recommend 3 hinges on a door to prevent warping and if your door is particularly heavy then 3 hinges would be more suitable. Here at Handles4doors we sell 3″ x 2″ hinges in pairs so be sure to order the right amount.
Consider what finish you would like your hinges to be. Matching them to your door handles or door knobs is a good idea as it gives the door a cohesive look and brings the whole look together. The most popular finishes for a modern interior tend to be polished or satin chrome, polished or satin nickel and polished or satin stainless steel. Some door handles in the more unique finishes, such as the Atlantic Old English range, now have matching hinges, latches and locks. For example, distressed silver, matt gun metal and matt antique brass. These can be seen in the related products of the door handles.
Finishes that would suit the more traditional type of interior are brass, antique brass, bronze. black antique and pewter. These are all available here at Handles4doors.
Fire Door Hinges
If you are planning to install fire doors in your home, you’re going to need fire rated door hinges. These have been rigorously tested to EU standards – which match old British equivalents – and will help keep you safe in the event of a house fire.
A European fire door rated hinge for a 60 minute fire door will be stamped with a “CE” mark. This mark means that it is a Grade 13 hinge, suitable for use with a door weighing up to 80kgs. In order to meet current Building Control Regulations, all fire doors, including domestic doors, should include at least three “CE” marked and approved hinges.
The most common size of hinge for a fire door is a 4″ x 3″ which different manufacturers refer to as 100mm x 75mm or 102mm x 76mm. This size of hinge would suit a door that is 40-44mm thick.
Other Special Application Hinges
There are many types of hinges used for many different applications, such as:
Single action and double action spring hinges;
Parliament and projection hinges if you need the door to project beyond an obstruction;
Tee hinges, for ledged and braced doors;
Counter flap hinges;
Cabinet hinges; and
Kitchen cabinet hinges.
to name just a few available here at Handles4doors.
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