Letter Boxes & Plates

Letter plates are used on the outside of external doors to cover up the hole of the letter box (aperture), keeping it looking neat and tidy.

All of the standard letter plates have a hinged and sprung flap which pushes inwards. Gravity flaps are different in the way that they operate; to get anything through them, where others would be pushed inwards, this one is pulled outwards.

Range of Styles

Whether you’re trying to match up an existing letter plate or simply require a brand new one, we’re sure to have the perfect one for you.

As well as a variety of finishes to choose from, there are also some fantastic styles available. Modern doors can benefit from straight edged designs in contrast to the more traditional scroll end, Fleur de Lys, gothic and Rawnsley plates. There are also postal knocker letter plates available which incorporate a knocker on the bottom of the plate.

Matching Internal Flaps

These external plates can also be paired up with matching internal letter flaps to tidy up the hole on the inside of the door. Internal flaps are available in the same finishes to correspond with the external plate.

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