Door Signage

In commercial settings, door signage will always be required for toilet doors, fire doors, etc. We have a collection available in a range of shapes and styles.

Fire Door Signage

Fire door signs are a mandatory requirement in commercial settings under current Building Regulations on all fire doors and should be visible at all times. The appropriate sign, ‘Fire Door Keep Shut’ or ‘Fire Door Keep Locked’ should be fitted and the signs should comply with BS5499 Part 1 & 5.

Toilet Signage

Should you require male, female, unisex, disabled or baby change toilet signs we have a vast range available in different sizes. Choose from the classic round signs with the relevant symbol on the front or why not opt for a modern cut out sign which is the shape of the relevant symbol!

Not Allowed!

As well as fire door and toilet signs we also offer ‘No Smoking’ and ‘No Mobile Phones’ signage. These are available in the modern cut out style or as classic rectangular plaques with the text displayed clearly underneath the symbol.

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