Cabinet Butt Hinges

Traditionally 50mm, 64mm and 75mm narrow leaf butt hinges are mainly used for kitchen cabinet doors, and wardrobe doors, especially when the door is an in-frame door.  They are also used on numerous other pieces of furniture.

Traditionally Brass & Un-washered

If the main cabinet hinges are made from solid brass and un-washered, since the weight of these doors is not substantial, they will range in thickness from around 16mm to 30mm. For thicker doors, standard washered brass butts should be considered as they will carry more weight.

If in Doubt

If you are in any doubt as to which hinge is correct for your application don’t hesitate to contact us for advice.  The most commonly used size is the 64mm (2 ½”) butt which comes in a range of finishes.

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