Door Studs

Door studs are small but highly effective! At a first glance it is easy to admire the patterns created with door studs but perhaps forget what they actually are. These decorative studs have to be fitted individually, by hand and are commonly found on period property and church doors.

Black Antique Door Studs

The door studs which we offer are available in rustic black finishes, black antique and matt black powder coated, as this is generally the theme for period decor.

They are generally available in different sizes meaning that both small and huge sized doors can be decorated with ease. Alternatively, different size door studs can be combined to create a repeated pattern on a period door.

Matching Door Accessories

It is common for doors on period properties to have classic fittings, like pull handles and thumb latches. Our suppliers offer complete collections and so these matching accessories will be available in the same finishes to be used with the studs.

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