Centre Door Knobs

Centre door knobs are both aesthetically pleasing and highly practical! On large front doors these added accessories finish off the overall look of the door, be it modern chrome/nickel or classic brass/black antique finishes. As well as this, centre door knobs also offer a handy grip to assist in pushing open and pulling closed the front door.

Huge Range of Centre Door Knobs

If you’re trying to replace a specific style or match up a finish to use with existing fittings then you’ve come to the right place. For modern front doors there are a range of chrome and nickel centre door knobs. Traditional front doors can be wonderfully partnered with polished brass and antique brass centre door knobs. We even have black antique and pewter ones for those with more rustic styles. All of these knobs are also available in various shapes and sizes – square, octagonal, round, domed…and that’s not even all of them.

Matching Front Door Accessories

Centre door knobs really have an impact when combined with matching accessories on a front door. All of our suppliers offer complete collections available in all finishes to match the knobs.  These collections include letter plates, door knockers, cylinder pulls and many more accessories.

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