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Door Cylinder Pulls

Door cylinder pulls are used to pull the front door closed from the outside which is particularly useful if there is no door handle or centre door knob. It fits around a Yale type cylinder used on a nightlatch, typically on a front door.

Different Cylinder Pull Styles

Believe it or not there are quite a few cylinder pulls to choose from! This means that matching up a new one with existing fittings should be easy as there are plenty to choose from. Equally it just gives you plenty of choice when choosing new front door accessories.

For modern front doors there is a range of plain, clean cut pulls available in finishes like polished chrome, satin chrome and satin nickel. There are elegant classic ones available for traditional front doors in finishes like polished brass and antique brass. Black antique pulls are available for rustic front doors - some of these styles are fabulous! Fleur de Lys designs, lion head detailing, truly unique styles.

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  1. Carlisle Brass (8)
  2. Eclipse (1)
  3. Eurospec SteelWorx (3)
  4. From the Anvil (6)
  5. Heritage Brass (11)
  6. Kirkpatrick (8)
  7. Kirkpatrick Fullbrook Collection (1)
  8. Ludlow Foundries (1)
  9. M.Marcus (2)
  10. The Tudor Collection (2)
  11. The Tudor Collection Smooth Black Iron (1)
  1. Antique Brass (2)
  2. Antique Pewter (1)
  3. Black (2)
  4. Black Antique (7)
  5. Hammered Pewter (3)
  6. Matt Black Powder Coated (2)
  7. Pewter (1)
  8. Polished Brass (7)
  9. Polished Chrome (6)
  10. Polished Stainless Steel (1)
  11. PVD Brass (3)
  12. Satin Aluminium (1)
  13. Satin Chrome (4)
  14. Satin Nickel (2)
  15. Satin Stainless Steel (1)
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