Bathroom Turns and Bathroom Indicator Bolts

Bathroom turn & releases and indicator bolts are to be used on bathroom doors with door handles or door knobs on rose. Available in a range of finishes and styles, there are turn & releases available to match all of the handles and knobs. The turn & release sits directly underneath the handle or knob and will operate on a bathroom lock or deadbolt. In each case a 90 degree turn of the thumb turn knob will lock or unlock the bathroom door.

Emergency Release Function

The external release part has a cross slot which can be used to open the door from the outside in an emergency. Current building regulations require that any lock, fitted to a bathroom, cloakroom or en-suite, can be operated externally in an emergency.

Commercial Use

There are also indicator and disabled variations available for commercial use. The indicator version has coloured indicators on the outside which changes when locked. The disabled version has a lever in place of the turn nib to make operation easier.

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