Door Security

Security is a prime concern; not just for homeowners but for commercial and public places too. In fact, it goes without saying that the security needs of
businesses and organisations that see a lot of traffic will probably be greater than that of a house. We’ve put together a great collection of security hardwareat Handles4doors to help in this endeavour.

Top Quality Security Hardware

Feeling secure is something that business premises owners should take for granted. There are plenty of items that would-be thieves would like to get their
hands on in these properties. To combat this, Handles4doors stock a great range of security hardware products.

Push button digital locks are the ideal solution to add security to business sensitive or staff areas. We stock a number of models of these at
Handles4doors. The fact they are reliant on pin numbers means you and only a select few individuals have access to the areas you want them to be.

Security also takes the form of health and safety. In order to make fire exits and the like easier to use, we also offer latch bars, panic bolts and push
pads for a wide variety of doors. Adding these forms of door hardware allows for easy escape and exits when the time calls for it.

Feel Secure With Handles4doors

All of our products have been tested in order to adhere to the latest legislation and industry regulations regarding security as well as health and safety.
Order your security hardware from us today for complete peace of mind.

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