Door Locks

For safety and security, door locks are a must. At Handles4Doors, you can browse through a comprehensive range of different locks from some of the world’s leading manufacturers. Generally, doors are kept closed using a latch; this can be in the form of simple tubular latches found on household doors to full size lock cased latches found on heavy commercial doors.

A Huge Range Of Locks At Handles4Doors

Our range of door locks includes many different types including:

  • Euro Cylinder Locks
  • Eurospec Security Hardware
  • Mortice Locks
  • Rim Locks
  • Door Bolts & Security Chains

For added security, latches can be combined with locking mechanisms to form deadlocks. These work by throwing a bolt when the key is turned in the lock. These door locks are typically found on front doors.

Bathroom locks differ from other types of door lock as, instead of security, they’re intended use is for privacy. Night latches, generically known as Yale locks, also differ to deadlocks and other types by the latch being withdrawn from the inside, through using a turn or lever, and are only accessible from the outside through the use of a key.

Multipoint Door Locks

Multipoint door locks, or lift and lock systems, are becoming more and more popular on household doors. Generally, these throw up to five locking bolts simultaneously. When provided with security cylinders, these locks provide an added degree of safety.

If you really want to keep your property secure, we recommend installing insurance rated door locks with additional bolts and surfaces locks which require a form of key to lock or unlock them.

Whatever type of lock you’re looking for, we have it at Handles4Doors. Browse our comprehensive range today to find the right lock for your door.

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