Bathroom Door Locks

Bathroom door locks are generally required for privacy rather than high security.  Standard case sizes for full bathroom locks are 63/64mm and 75/76mm.  The 63/64mm size tends to more widely used, however sometimes the design of your door may require a different size.  

Our Range of Bathroom Door Locks

A standard full bathroom lock has a latch bolt and dead bolt in one case and is suitable for doors on which a lever handle on backplate is fitted.

For a lever handle on rose we would recommend a separate latch and separate bathroom deadbolt for a pleasing look on the door.  The two separate components allow you to fit the lever handle and the turn and release set (required to operate the deadbolt) at any distance apart, giving you the flexibility to place them in the best possible position.

For more information on the perfect bathroom lock to match your needs, feel free to contact us here at Handles4doors, and we will help in any way that we can.

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