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With our extensive range of door fittings, you’ll be sure to find exactly what you’re looking for! Make sure you head over to our site and see our range now.

Door fittings have hundreds of uses, from providing additional security, to aesthetic changes and practical improvements. Clever usage of the right door fittings can really give each and every door its own distinct character. Making certain that you are choosing the right type of door fitting for your needs can be essential to ensuring a high level of practicality whilst maintaining that individual spark that your home needs!

Door Fittings to Meet Your Every Need

Here at Handles4doors, we offer one of the most varied and unbeatable collections of assorted door fittings to satisfy your every need. Our collection includes those essential practical items such as:

Cabin hooks

Door stops

Robe hooks

Flush bolts and surface mounted bolts

Door closers

All the above door fittings can be found at Handles4doors in a variety of sizes, designs and finishes, including polished brass, polished chrome, satin chrome, polished nickel, satin nickel and other more traditional finishes such as black antique and antique brass.  Visit our selection of door bolts here.

Finger plates come in many designs, sizes, materials and finishes.  For that classic look, go for porcelain or decorative brass designs.  For that country cottage feel, try authentic black antique shapes from British manufacturer, Kirkpatrick.

Key escutcheons are a great practical solution to cover the rough keyhole cut-out in your door when you’re fitting a sash lock or dead lock.  They are available in a myriad of designs, sizes and finishes.  There are gothic and pear shaped standard escutcheons, round, square and covered escutcheons to stop the draughts. There are also keyhole draught excluders that can be used to cover the wholes in an escutcheon which are one of our best sellers.  

Commercial Door Fittings

We have a range of door signage, finger plates and kick plates that will suit a commercial environment.  Fire door and toilet signs can be purchased in aluminium and stainless steel.  Choose from a wide range of finger plates and kick plates in different sizes, available in aluminium and stainless steel.  For matching pull handles, go to our Handles & Knobs category and select Door Pull Handles.  Here you will find our Guardsman style and Eurospec Steelworx pull handles in robust designs, finishes and large sizes.

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