Gate Latches & Thumb Latches

Thumb and gate latches are a traditional door feature often seen in period properties or on gates. Thumb latches are usually used on kitchen, toilet and utility room doors. Gate latches are most commonly used on gates in front gardens but can also be fitted to ledged and braced wooden doors.

Range of Styles

Our collection of thumb and gate latches is hugely varied – we offer all shapes and sizes. Swan neck, pear, owl head, flower and Fleur de Lys to name a few. With this huge range of different styles you are sure to be able to match up thumb and gate latches with any existing door fittings.

Rustic Finishes

The thumb and gate latches are available in a range of rustic finishes – beeswax, black antique or pewter.  Each of these finishes will require some sort of maintenance to keep the finish looking new. The black finishes will generally require an occasional light oiling or waxing to maintain the finish. The beeswax finish benefits from being occasionally polished with Carlisle Brass’ beeswax maintenance polish. For the pewter finish, a quick wipe over with a damp cloth (soapy water) will remove any marks.

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