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Door Handles and Door Knobs come in a vast variety of styles and finishes so choosing something to suit your interior décor should be easy. To help you to choose, here are a few tips.
First of all you would need to decide what type of door handle to put on each door. There are three main types of door handle.
A door handle on lock backplate has a plain backplate and you need a tubular mortice latch in the door for the handle to work.

A door handle on lock backplate has a backplate with a keyhole cut-out in it and for this type of handle you need a mortice sash lock in the door. A 3-lever mortice sash lock would be suitable for an internal low security door and a 5-lever mortice sash lock would be suitable for an external door such a back door or a door leading to a garage. These type of locks generally need to be insurance rated and you can find these in our Locks & Latches category.
A door handle on bathroom backplate has a backplate with a turn knob on one side and a coin release on the other side. The purpose of the coin release is to be able to unlock the door from the outside in the event of an emergency. This type of door handle would be used on a bathroom door or possibly a bedroom door if a low level of privacy only is required. A bathroom door handle on backplate require a mortice bathroom lock in the door. These can be found in our Locks & Latches category.
There are some other, less common, types of door handle on backplate that you may come across. These are:
A door handle on privacy backplate. This is a door handle that looks a lot like a door handle on bathroom backplate, but it generally has a shorter backplate. The significant difference is that it works on a tubular mortice latch, not on a bathroom mortice lock. If in any doubt, please call us here at Handles4doors as we are more than happy to advise. You can also contact us by email or live chat.
A door handle on euro lock plate. This is for a door that has a cylinder lock in it. You may see this type of lock on a front door, apartment door or office door in a home or commercial building. You can find euro cylinder locks in our Locks & Latches category.
A Upvc door handle for a door handle that works on a multi-point lock. This is a type of lock that may be used for your patio doors or even your front door. See our UPVC Door Handles category and if you need some advice please call our Handles4doors Technical Team or contact us by email or live chat.
Door Handles on Rose
The main difference between this type of door handle and a door handle on backplate is that the backplate or ‘rose’ is much smaller and does not incorporate any locking functions. The rose can be round, square, oval, square or even diamond shaped, to name a few.
Door handles on rose can be seen more often in contemporary homes and some commercial buildings. They come in several different finishes, but the more modern buildings will usually have door handles with a silver type finish such as satin and polished chrome, satin and polished nickel and satin and polished stainless steel. Door handles on rose can, of course, come in lots of other finishes, such as polished brass, antique brass, bronze, pewter, distressed silver, matt gun metal, black antique, black nickel, porcelain, glass and crystal.
For truly unique materials and finishes, we can offer door handles and other products from the British manufacturer, Turnstyle Designs, located in beautiful Devon. Please see our blog for the latest info.
Door Handles on Rose for Locking Doors
For locking doors, either with a turn knob for privacy or a key for greater security, a separate component needs to be fitted to the door.
For privacy in a bedroom or bathroom, a turn and release set is required. This component is fitted to the door below the handle on rose. Either a mortice bathroom lock or a tubular mortice latch and a bathroom deadbolt together should be fitted into the door for the turn and release to operate. If you need advice about which components to use please call Handles4doors, or email or come onto Live Chat.
Another relatively new privacy type door handle on rose has a small button incorporated in the rose and when this is pushed in the door handle locks. These door handles are from our supplier, Excel Hardware, and are available now from Handles4doors.
For secure locking with a key you will need a mortice sash lock in the door or a combination of a tubular mortice latch and a mortice deadlock. To cover the unsightly keyhole cut-outs in the door you will need a pair of key escutcheons for each door, one on each side. For doors with cylinder locks, a pair of euro key escutcheons would be required for each door.
Generally, all door handles on rose have matching turn and release sets and escutcheons. These are usually found in the Related Products area of the product page.
Door Knobs on Backplate
Like door handles on backplate, door knobs on backplate come in the same design types for non-locking, locking and privacy doors.
Door knobs on backplate these days come in a lot more designs. There are the traditional designs such as Georgian, Beaded and Sausage and Pea which invariably are made in the more warm-toned finishes like brass, bronze and pewter. Art Deco style door knobs on backplate are also available here at Handles4doors. On doors of that era, these door knobs can look absolutely stunning.
Contemporary designs are now more readily available and tend to be rather simple and plain, suitable for a minimalist interior. Finishes available for a more modern look are polished and satin chrome and satin nickel.
Door Knobs on Rose
Door knobs on rose come in a large range of shapes and sizes, with roses which can be round, square, oval, octagonal and other unique patterns. The most popular designs are round, oval, mushroom and ball, but there are many others, equally attractive. The beehive or reeded style can regularly be seen in older, more traditional homes and country cottages. Theblack antique, beeswax, pewter and porcelain are also really popular in country homes of all sizes. Lots of door knobs on rose these days have their own unique pattern and embellishments, making them a beautiful and unique choice for your doors.
Like door handles on rose, door knobs on rose require a turn and release set for bathroom and privacy doors and a pair of escutcheons per door for locking doors with a key.
All door knobs require some thought before purchasing a tubular mortice latch. A lot of door knobs on rose are half sprung, meaning that one side of the pair of door knobs has springs and the other side doesn’t. A compatible tubular mortice latch would be needed that helps the door knob to easily turn without it being too strong that the door knob cannot be turned easily. The same would apply to any locks used with door knobs.
Rim Knobs
Rim knobs are another type of door knob on rose. One side of the pair of rim knobs has a rose and the other side does not. The side without the rose fits to a rim lock which is fixed to the face of the door. Rim locks are often seen in black with black or porcelain knobs, generally on cottage doors or in larger country houses. Rim locks are available in different sizes to accommodate the size of the door. They also come in a variety of finishes. Polished brass gives a door a spectacular, quality look and the Davenport style and oak rim (or known as box) locks give a different, unique appearance to a large period style door.

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