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We are proud to offer a wide range of doors for your home – from standard to fire-safety variations. With the incredible variety of finished, pre-finished and glazed types we have available, you are sure to find the ideal one to complete your room’s aesthetic.

Styles Of Interior Doors

The various designs of doors that we offer are all ideal for different interior designs and atmospheres – below are some of the types that we supply:

  • Standard – As the name suggests, these are the most common types of door and are suitable for use around the entire house. On average, they are 1981 x 838mm (78 x 33 inches), but can be cut down to a more appropriate size. Available in both unfinished and pre-finished states and can vary in colour and material, from Oak to Walnut.
  • Glazed – Unlike the above, these have glass panels built into them, allowing light to travel from one room to the next. They’re made of oak and are also available in various sizes, as both unfinished and pre-finished. The design of the glass panelling can vary, with designs like Ely, which is perfect for creating a more rustic aesthetic, or Walden, which is ideal for creating a much more contemporary look.
  • Fire – These are specialised doors which have been extensively tested and are proven to help contain a fire, in the event of one occurring. However, they should be kept shut at all times, so that they can effectively contain a blaze in the originating rooms. Most commonly used in business buildings rather than your home, they have all been tested by in the UK, and can be installed easily.

The Perfect Door For You

If you are having trouble picking out the perfect product to complete your room, please contact us directly for advice.

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