Tubular Latches

A tubular latch is an essential product for a door that you wish to open and close with a door handle or door knob. As the name suggests, the door will just ‘latch’ with a tubular latch fitted, it will not lock.

Latches for use with Door Handles

Tubular latches come in all sizes and finishes. Generally, door handles on backplate are paired with a latch that has a case size of 63/64mm. Door handles on rose often look better if they are fitted slightly further over on the face of the door, so we usually recommend a 75/76mm case size. Of course, sometimes the size will be determined by the holes already cut in the door, if the existing latches are being replaced. In this instance, either take the latch out and measure the case size, or work out the ‘backset’ measurement by measuring horizontally from the edge of the door to the middle of the spindle hole. If this is 44mm then you have a latch with a case size of 63/64mm. If this is 57mm then you have a latch with a case size of 75/76mm. These are the two most common sizes.

Latches for use with Door Knobs

For door knobs, it is likely that the latch used will have a bigger case size, as when fitted further away from the edge of the door, this will avoid ‘knuckle graze’ on the door frame. Something worth considering! Door handles and door knobs that are fitted with ‘bolt through fixings’ will require a tubular latch with bolt through piercings in the case. We have put these into a separate category as well called Bolt Through Latches.

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