Ball Bearing Hinges

We have a great variety of quality ball bearing hinges in a multitude of hard wearing finishes here at Handles4doors. Generally made from steel or
stainless steel, finishes vary from antique brass and imitation bronze, to satin and polished stainless steel. Other finishes are available for more
discerning tastes. Have a browse of our fantastic range today, or find out more information below.

Ball Bearing Hinges For Commercial & Domestic Use

Over the past decade, ball bearing (or ball race) hinges have become increasingly popular. So much so that the majority of our hinge sales come from our
collection of ball bearing hinges, the most popular of which are our 100mm x 76mm (4”) and 76mm x 50mm (3”) size hinges.

How Do They Work? The hinge pivots on a series of small ball race bearings, providing a much smoother action compared to un-washered and non-bearing
hinges. They have generally been tested to endurance standards and passed fire door tests, allowing them to be used on both domestic and commercial fire

Get In Touch For More Information

If you’re looking for advice or more information on our ball bearing hinges, just contact our knowledgeable customer services team today, who will be more than happy to assist you.

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