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  • Help, I already have fixing holes???


    This is something we are asked all the time regarding fixing holes. There are some occasions where you can reuse door handle fixing holes, and unfortunately there are situations where you WILL need to make new holes for your fixings. Let me break it down for you.

    Fixing Holes Sizes

    • Once you have measured the size of your previous back plate, you can then pick a back plate big enough to cover it or the same size.

    We have a new and exclusive filtering system to narrow your search. Most people try to order the exact same size as before. Measure the distance between your current fixing holes and between any marking where your Backplate will have been, then follow these simple steps below -

    • If your previously drilled fixing holes are in the four corners of the backplate you could buy a new backplate which requires just two fixing holes at the top and bottom. This way you can drill two new holes in the middle of your pervious holes. Measure your Backplate to make sure you purchase one big enough to cover all markings.
    • If you need to drill new holes, you can either do the above or drill new holes and make sure the backplate is big enough to cover the previous holes.
    • Worst case scenario;  you may need to start afresh and buy a new door.

    Always ask if you're not sure as I said above!

    New and Exclusive

    NEW AND EXCLUSIVE to us at Handles4doors, we now have implemented a new filter system where you can filter the size of your backplate. None of our competitors have this option, so we offer the fast way to search for what you need.  Narrow your search today by using this new filtering system.

    We are proud of being experts in the ironmongery industry and are happy to answer any questions you have.  We are currently scoring 9.5 and shown as excellent on Trustpilot, with thousands of very kind reviews from our customers.  If you would like to take a look at our reviews or even leave your feedback on your experience with us, click here for more details...

    01252 786510

    Unit 26, Waterfront Business Park, Fleet, Hants, GU51 3QT

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  • Tips for saving you some money on your house hold items

    Here at Handles4doors, we have many different ways to help with saving you some money. Here are some top tips just for you!

    Trustpilot reviews, saving you money

    The first thing is to establish whether you are are a trade customer or not. If you are, we should be able to open you an account where we can give you a discount on your purchases. Give us a call! it's worth asking.
    If you are not a trade customer, you could buy through a money-saving site. For example, TopCashBack, My Voucher Code, and Voucher Slug are some of the sites out there. We work with many affiliate companies and continually create promotions and offers to help with your saving budget. There a lot more than this as well;  it is worth looking around. We often have vouchers for a discount of 10%, 50% or deals on selected items.
    Ordering through the website TopCashBack, they have a scheme where you will earn money back on the items you buy. You will gain the offer which is advertised and then earn cashback on your purchase.

    Spend and Save

    Buying everything you need in one go is a great way to save on your purchases. The more you spend the more you save.
    If you need to order some handles for your kitchen cupboards, have a think about your other rooms or anything else you may need in the near future.  Are you doing up a children's bedroom? CebiJoy is a terrific range of children's knobs and handles.  Colourful and creative, your children will love them!  Do you need new internal door handles? What about that upcycle project you have started or want to start. Someone just ordered two crystal knobs for their bedside cabinets for example. Something that people seem to leave until they fall off are cupboard hinges.  Why not check yours now.
    Once you have your full order ready, the below amounts are what you could save.
    Please note that these figures are valid as of the publish date of this article. To be sure of our discounts when purchasing, please check our website or you can always call and ask.
    Currently, our savings as follows -
     5% off on orders over £100.00
    7.5% on orders over £200.00
    10% on orders over £300.00
    15% on orders over £500.00
    Spend over £95 and you are then eligible for free delivery. Read more about our policy here.

    How to gain the biggest saving

    To gain the biggest saving, order through a money-saving site and spend over £95. This way you will get the discount and free delivery and on certain sites, you will also get a percentage of your money spent, given back to you!
    You can always ask us! Call us on 01252 786510.
    Hope you found these tips useful, and thanks for following us. Happy saving!
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  • Whats behind the door!

    We are asked a lot about what can be used on an external door, so we thought we would give everyone some information on what you can use internally and externally. Hope it helps! Let us know!  We've chosen the brand 'From the Anvil' to highlight the type and finish of ironmongery available for a very traditional look.

    A lot of thought, care and research can go into choosing the ironmongery you want to add to your property. These finer touches enhance the look of any room. From period to contemporary finishes, there are many ways to achieve the looks you desire. What helps is that there are many types of finishes to choose from: Pewter, Black, Beeswax, Unlacquered Brass and some of these finishes also come in polished or antique. What you need to look into is which can be used internally and which are for an external door.

    Firstly what door do you have?

    From the Anvil Wooden Front Door

    External Doors -

    This should be the first question. If you have an external door it may be a composite door, which is made from various materials.  Some composite doors will have a multi-point locking system which would require a specific handle;  these can be found in our uPVC  Door Handles Category.  It could also be a double boarded door or any style of wooden door. Double boarded doors can be fitted using thumb latches and T hinges or lever handles and butt hinges. From the Anvil have some stunning finishes that can be used internally and externally and these include pewter patina, black, antique pewter, antique brass and polished brass.  If you have framed external doors, they are normally around 44mm thick and would have a 5-lever mortice lock with a lever lock handle.  In addition, one or two 5-lever deadlocks would be required for insurance purposes.

    Internal Doors -

    From the Anvil Internal Door

    The most common internal door in a traditional style, often seen in old cottages, is a plank door which is usually around 25mm thick. They can be fitted with a thumblatch and T hinge or a privacy latch. Your internal door could also be another popular style which is  the framed door. These vary slightly in size ranging from 30mm - 44mm.  As they are thicker they need to incorporate a lock or latch that is recessed or morticed into the door.  For this type of door you should use a lever handle or a mortice knob and these would require butt hinges.

    Once you have found your door type

    So now you know what types of ironmongery you need you can look at the finishes and which can be used internally and externally.

    Whilst the following can be used outside, be aware that they still need looking after and will still wear.

    External materials - Pewter, Black, Antique Brass, Antique Pewter, Polished Brass.

    Internal materials - Pewter, Black, Beeswax, Antique Pewter, Antique Brass, Polished Brass,

    From the Anvil Pewter Door Knob

    Internal and external use. The texture of this steel is beautiful with a pewter finish. It has excellent anti-erosion properties due to the complex process that goes deep into the metal. We recommend wiping this product with a lightly oiled cloth every now and again.

    From the Anvil Satin Black

    Internal and external use. Durable and corrosion resistant. It is especially resistant to moisture and can be used in bathrooms and damp conditions. This finish is baked in a high-temperature oven.

    From the Anvil Beeswax Finish

    For internal use only. The beeswax is used to preserve the beautiful authentic finish for steel. You can preserve the beeswax finish by using From the Anvil maintenance wax.

    From the Anvil Antique Pewter Finish

    Internal and external use.  This unique finish is achieved through a complex process which is applied to a solid brass metal giving it excellent anti-corrosion properties. It differs from pewter by having a smoother surface. As with the standard pewter, maintain the finish with a lightly oiled cloth every now and again.

    Heritage Brass Antique Brass Finish

    Internal and external use.  Treated to speed up the natural tarnished process. Giving an antique feel and look, it is burnished making it smooth in appearance.

    Project Hardware Polished Brass

    Internal and external use. All From the Anvil brass products are manufactured to the highest standard and come unlacquered, which can be maintained by polishing with a good quality metal polish. If the intention is to allow the surface to age through oxidization, then polishing is not required.  The brass will acquire a darker and more aged patina over time.

    If you are ever unsure of what to buy or how to maintain your products, just ask us and we can guide you through it. We have a live chat on our website or you can call us on 01252 786510. Email

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  • Keeping safe and up to date with fire regulations

    There is an awful lot of information out there, but it is still easy to miss something when it comes to fire regulations. I wanted to go through some of the basics with all of our followers, and try and make us all as safe as we can be.

    The Fire Regulations

    Ever watched one of those videos at work, of a cheesy actor not leaving the building when the alarm went off? Think we have all had to stomach one of these at some point! They are right in what they are saying though. Jokes aside, Its everyone's responsibility to keep safe, but from an employee's point of view it's even more important. The top things to make sure you are compliant with are -

    • carry out regular fire risk assessments;
    • regular alarm testing;
    • plan for an emergency;
    • staff are made fully aware of any plans or rules in place;
    • everyone is to keep alert of their surroundings and report anything if they think it would be a hazard.

    One of the places you can find the information is here -

    The other fire safety adjustments you can make

    One thing I feel strongly about is educating staff to know where the fire extinguishers are and which ones to use, also more importantly, when to use them and when to just get out. Sounds simple but in the face of a fire, some people may not be able to think clearly. It's worth going over this at least once a year (maybe get one of those cheesy videos, as boring as they are, they are informative).

    There are a few very simple things you can do to the workplace or home to make them a lot safer. Especially the items you can purchase to prevent a fire from spreading. This can seriously save someone's life.

    So, first, make sure you have good quality fire doors throughout your building. We have a large range of fire doors here. These can be used in the office or at home -

    You can purchase fire doors unfinished or prefinished. My advice would be to always buy the doors prefinished. The reason is, that if you are doing the finish yourself, it may be hard to get it looking consistent, and it is time-consuming. Buying prefinished doors is slightly more expensive, but worth it in my opinion.


    So...what else can you do to stay safe in a fire

    The are many different things you can add to your door or surroundings that can improve the safety of your home or workspace.

    Latches and hinges can be brought having been fire rated. These are highly recommended for use with you fire door into your garage from your home. Along with a mortice latch which is required by your insurance company.

    Pictured here is the Eclipse 102mm x 102mm Door spring hinge. It is a single action hinge with only opens one way, and the tension of having the spring mechanism will close the door. Spring hinges have gained popularity in dwellings which require self-closing fire doors, such as flats and multi-storey townhouses. They can be used on fire doors up to 1/2 hour rated.

    Fire door sring hinge



    A Dorgard is handy to have for when you want to hold a fire door open. Although make sure that staff are aware when it is appropriate to do this, or the door will not keep you safe in a fire.

    Fire doorgard in RedDoor closers are another product you can buy fire tested. Most are suitable for a 30-minute fire door. Featured here is one of our Hydraulic Fire door closers by Eclipse. Both the closing speed and latching speed are adjustable.

    Hydraulic Fire door closerThe other option you have is to use signage to make sure everyone is aware of the different things. Here are some of my suggestions;

    Fire door signage

    So, as you can see, there are many things we can do to our doors to make them extra safe. If you have any questions you would like to know regarding our fire doors or fittings please get in touch, we would be happy to help. You can ask us on our live chat or call 01252 786510. You can also email us at Hope you found this helpful!

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  • We dont just handle it!

    Not only can we handle your doors and cupboards, but we have a huge range of other products that we can help you with for your home or office!

    Yes we do sell an excellent range of door handles and knobs, but this is not all we provide.

    Can you Handle our Kitchens?

    Handles4doors KitchensWe are now selling top of the range kitchens and kitchen fittings. An added bonus is that our kitchens come assembled for quick and easy installation.  Cupboard doors attached, ready for you builders or busy working mums and dad!

    The designs range from contemporary to traditional, and the ever-growing popular shaker style kitchens. Once you have decided your style we then have a large selection of finishes to choose from. Whether oak is your thing or, like me, you prefer high gloss.

    An idea for a kitchen style would be great in our Europe range featured in high gloss, using white for the cupboard doors and light grey for your drawers. Sleek, modern and a little different without going too weird and wacky. Taking it up a notch;  order each door in a different colour and mix and match your kitchen doors and drawers. Paint the walls white and create a modern, colourful creation with some personality.

    So what else can you handle?

    We have many different signs to guide people where to go in the workplace.

    Shower Signs

    Male and Female Changing Room

    Baby Changing Facilities

    Push and Pull

    Keep Shut

    We also have a large range of door fittings to go along with your shiny new door handles. The most popular are -

    Kick Plates

    Finger Plates


    Door Closers

    We can even supply the doors if needed.

    You can kit your external doors out with our selection of external door hardware. Some of the range we can supply you with are as follows -

    Door Bells

    Letter Boxes

    Door Viewers

    Door Studs

    House Numbers and Letters

    Last, but not least, are our best selling locks and latches! We have everything from bolt through latches, insurance rated mortice locks, 3-lever mortice locks and bathroom deadbolts.   Try out our night latches for staying safe as well as our speciality locks for the office.

    Showroom at H4D

    If you have any questions regarding any of your internal or external hardware please get in touch. We have our live chat on the website, you can call us on 01252 786510 or even pop down and see us in our showroom at Unit 26 Waterfront Business Park, Fleet, Hampshire, GU51 3QT. You could even ask us if we have something you need in store and come and pick it up that very day if it is available for next day delivery.

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  • Our James Bond employees! The dogs Ruby and Ray!

    Right, let's set the scene, put the James Bond music in your head and imagine two dogs sneaking along the floor so you can't see them! This is what these guys do to get under the desk! You don't know they are there until you kick them, whilst crossing your legs!

    Either that or they come bumbling in and frighten the life out of you! Absolutely full of life and personality, we love having them in the office!

    Ruby being a dog foot cosy


    Anyone that knows us, will know that we have a couple of furry friends that join us in the office most days. These dogs are Ruby and Raymond!


    They are our little helpers!


    Raymond the dog, serving customers in our showroomOur little helper dogs are always helping out;   if you pop into the showroom you may even get Raymond serving you! Just kidding, I don't think you would get much sense out of him. Ray is our more laid back and easy going dog;  he is black and white in colour and absolutely loves tomatoes.  He'll let all of our customers stroke him with no exceptions!  Ruby, however, is a little more selective.

    Ruby is liver and white and is definitely the alpha female and loves to boss Ray around.  They are both really affectionate and Ray is the super-softie of the two, loving to be stroked continually and really good at nudging when you lose interest. Ruby has her soft toy called Cat in the office which she brings to you when she's pleased to see you and she really enjoys playing with it,  shaking her head wildly when she's beyond excited.  She's also brilliant at opening the outside fire door by jumping up on the handle and pushing it down when she fancies a little stroll.

    Both dogs are crazy and absolutely full of life with masses of energy.  They can sniff out food even if you're a couple of miles away.  Woe betides anyone who leaves their lunch bag on the floor!   They sneak up on you like 'doggy' James Bond characters!

    Warehouse Dogs

    Some will say they help, some will say they get under your feet. I'm not going to lie, I have tripped or trodden on them a few times. However, they have great personalities, and we all love having them in the office. They come in rather handy as warm and cosy foot warmers (as seen below).
    Ruby and Ray helping out in the warehouse, doing some packing with our happy chappy warehouseman Nigel!
    Raymond chilling in the sunshine with funny ears
    These fluffy helpers have been around the office since the day they were born. Both Ruby and Ray were extremely cute and tiny.  As you can see below, Ray was small enough to fit in the palm of your hand.
    Ray as a puppyRuby as a tiny dogThis picture of Ruby shows how her tiny little ears look like they have a bobbed hair cut. I think you will all agree that she is very cute! She is trying to be put in this box and shipped off to doggy holidays!
    Please feel free to come and see our little James Bond dogs in our office/ showroom at - Unit 26, Waterfront Business Park, Fleet, Hampshire, GU51 3QT.
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  • The Door Knocker has a deep dark secret going back to Ancient Greek times!

    The Dark Secret of the Door Knocker


    Do you own a Door Knocker?  Most of us don't know that it has a deep dark history!  The door knocker was first created by the Athenians thousands of years ago in ancient Greece. However it wasn't really a knocker, it was a slave attached to a chain which was then attached to the door by a metal bar.  The slaves were then chained to the door to greet any guests.  The chain was there so they couldn't walk off, and the bar was to wake the slave up if they had fallen asleep!

    Eventually, people realised that the bar could be used as a weapon.  Because of this, it was quickly converted into a metal plate with a large ring.

    Ancient Greek Door Handle

    The English take the Door Knocker to Heart

    When the Door Knocker came to England, it was relatively simple. Made of cast iron and painted black.

    In the 1800's the door knocker became much more common and it became fashionable to be different, using Lion Heads in a brass and bronze finish.  A lot of people believed that they could bring good luck, or give protection to the home.  Below is one our lion head door knockers made by From the Anvil in a pewter finish.

    A British Lion Head Door Knocker


    Many of these symbolic symbols are Hands,  Lions Head,  Gargoyles and Horse Shoes. The Lions Head became most popular in the 19th century, signifying power, strength, pride and protection. It is still very popular to this day! 10 Downing Street has the very English Lions Head door knocker on its front door.

    No 10 Downing Street



    The Doctor Knocker

    In the late Georgian times, people introduced this as a brass door knocker which was used to identify the home of a doctor. It also symbolises wealth and authority. These door knockers are still popular today,  just for their beautiful shape and design.  Below is a picture of one our doctor's knockers. 

    Doctor Knocker by Hertiage Brass


    We have a lovely selection of door knockers in our Showroom in Fleet, Hampshire.  You can also shop online at

    If you have any questions regarding any of our door knockers, handles or other products, please get in touch.  We would be happy to help you!  You can contact us on our Live Chat, call us on 01252 786510, or visit us at Unit 26, Waterfront Business Park, Fleet, Hants, GU51 3QT.



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  • Handles4doors Employees are a Great Team! Meet our Happy Chappy Warehouseman

    Have you Ever Met Someone who has a Lasting Impression on you?

    Nigel Our happy chappy Nigel!

    Nigel is one of our employees who leaves a great impression on you! He is our warehouse man and is our memorable happy chappy employee! Nigel is renowned for his jokes (sometimes I'm not sure if he’s getting to a punchline or a real story).  He is an amazing packer and always manages to get our products out to customers in great shape.  Jokes aside, he is one of our most loyal employees, who has been with our company for nearly 8 years.

    He is always in great spirits and is more than happy to have his picture taken. So why am I sharing this information on our warehouse comedian?  Well,  everybody needs a Nigel in their lives!  Hearing the interaction with Nigel and our delivery drivers cracks us up.  The other day I went to leave the office, and he was ducking down below the driver's window.  "Nigel,  what are you doing?" Nigel replied with, “He told me to kneel?”  No Nigel, that’s the driver's name!  It never stops!  Easter is always a good time for Nigel as there are a lot of 'eggcellent ' jokes to crack!  Sorry, couldn’t help myself;   I'll stop now and leave the jokes to Nigel!

    The Rest of the Employees! 

    Our team now consists of 8 employees.  Graham and Suzanne are the Founders and Directors of the Company.  They are passionate about the company and employees, often providing treats or lunch to keep smiles on faces!  

    Mike, our purchasing assistant has been with the company for a year last month.  Suzanne ordered some pizzas to celebrate, along with some jokes from Nigel of course!  Mike is always very willing to help, and really enjoys being out in the warehouse with Nigel.  The only downside is that he is starting to pick up Nigel's 'cringeworthy' jokes and loves to tell his own versions in the office!

    Pauline is our office manager, our super speedy, hard grafter, who is passionate about her job dealing with all matters financial.  She always arrives early in the morning and goes home late.  A backlog of work on her desk after a 2-week holiday is bliss to her!  

    Jake is our newest and youngest employee (just sweet 19), taking on a customer service role dealing with Handles4doors calls and enquiries.  He is our go-to guy for anything computer-related too and has the job of adding our mountain of products to the website.

    Naomi is our newly-appointed SEO Executive who works closely with Suzanne, managing and maintaining the website and taking care of our digital marketing.  She also is a fabulous make-up artist in her spare time.

    Technical Sales Employees

    Tony has been with the company for 8 years. His position is in Technical Sales, and he is very knowledgeable, amiable and patient.  He is a great team-player and our customers seem to think very highly of him indeed.

    Arthur is our fellow American chap!   Having joined us 4 years ago, Arthur brings the American charm to the office, along with the bagel cutter and American sayings and phrases. Arthur works alongside Tony and Graham in Technical Sales and is usually the first one in the office!

    Tony, Arthur and Graham also work in the showroom at our Trade Counter, when they hear our trusty counter bell.  They all love helping customers and meet some real characters who really make their day!

    Come and Meet our Employees!

    So I thought I would give you all an insight into our working family. You never know, you may want to join us one day.  Pop into our showroom for a chat, or to listen to one of Nigel's great jokes!  Either way, we love to meet new people, so pop into our showroom to have a nosey at us all, and have a cheeky biscuit (if Graham hasn't eaten all of them!)

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  • British Made Door Handles by Turnstyle Designs

    Turnstyle Designs We deal with a large amount of manufacturers, and today I want to talk to you about our British Made Door Handles by Turnstyle Designs.  They are  located in beautiful Devon. Turnstyle Designs was founded by Steve Roberts in 1992.  He started in a small barn designing and producing a small range of door knobs.  A comprehensive range of British made door handles and other products are now available to view at the Turnstyle Designs showroom in Chelsea Harbour in London.

    25 years later, Steve still runs the business which has now grown to become one of the foremost producers of design-led door and cabinet hardware in the world.  Turnstyle have always provided the highest level of service.  It has the enviable reputation of manufacturing the most innovative, unique and beautiful products.  These British made door handles and other products by Turnstyle Designs are supplied to some of the most prestigious private and commercial yachts and buildings around the world.

    Attention to Detail

    A door handle, to Turnstyle, is like a button on a coat which has to function properly as well as look really good.

    Turnstyle pays attention to every little thing it does.  Even their door handles are sent out in protective cotton sleeves inside their beautiful branded boxes.  Every detail counts and every part of the business follows this ethos.

    All designed British made door handles are completed in house. All design and craftsmanship is completed in-house.

    Small, Beautiful and British Made Door Handles

    Turnstyle is still a small business by many standards.  This is the way Turnstyle likes it and they have not been tempted to move production to China, preferring to carry out all manufacturing processes in wonderful Devon.    They definitely know who they are and who their customers are.  They can really listen and fulfill their customers' expectations. Contact us to find our more about our Turnstyle Design range

    British made door handles in a luxury range of leather finishes Turnstyle Designs purchase their leather from a traditional tannery in Tuscany, Italy, producing the finest, naturally tanned leather using vegetables.

    Other British Made Door Handles

    As well as Turnstyle Designs, we also deal with a multitude of British manufacturers. One of these is Frank Allart who offers Traditional, Classic, English Countryhouse craftsmanship. Likewise, Kirkpatrick is one of our leading manufacturers of black iron door and window furniture.  Their products are handcrafted using traditional manufacturing processes with over 160 years of expertise.  These products are both exquisite in quality and strong enough to last a lifetime.  Croft is another traditionally handcrafted manufacturer whose products stand the test of time.


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  • Review Us! Tell Us What You Think-We Really Want To Know

    Write about our Service

    A review of our service and products is super-important to us.  Getting feedback on our service allows us to make improvements in the areas that you, our customers, feel we need to do better.

    This sort of feedback is invaluable to us - so instead of guessing where we're going wrong, we know for sure.  That way, we can put it right.

    We genuinely act on all of our reviews and use this great information to improve and update our service and products, both on our website and in our showroom and over our trade counter.

    Website Reviews

    So if you order from our website, everyone who places an order will receive an email from Trustpilot, our partner review site.  Just clicking the link on this email will send customers to Trustpilot to write a review.   It's really easy;  just give us 1-5 stars, depending on how satisfied you are.  All of our Trustpilot reviews are visible on our website;  even the bad ones.  If we do get a bad review then you will always see a reply from us and, if possible, a resolution to the reviewer's problem.  Sometimes we even call them up because we really want them to be happy about their dealings with us.

    Review our Showroom Sales

    Maybe you've been into our showroom and ordered something from us over the counter.  Well, you can still tell us what you think by searching for Handles4doors on Google and then clicking on the 'Write a Review' button.  You will need to log into your Google account to do this.  Then you're ready to tell us what you think.  We'd love to get some more Google reviews as this will really help us to rank better in Google and be able to offer more, exciting promotions to our customers.

    If you decide to write about your experience with us, then thank you very much, that's brilliant!

    Click here for a handy how-to guide on reviewing us.




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