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  • Christmas Time at Handles4doors 2018

    Firstly, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all of us at Handles4doors!


    Hopefully everyone's plans are well under way for the Christmas season. Tree up, turkey bought, presents wrapped, tinned chocolates and baileys bought and plans all made! I don't know about you we are really looking forward to Christmas this year! Maybe it's because the mince pies are flowing in the office! We have a new found love of mince pies and squirty cream, normal or not normal? Either way, we are sat in our Christmas jumpers and looking forward to the holiday.

    I just thought I would share with you what is going on here at Handles4doors this Christmas. So we are busy processing and packing orders up until Friday the 21st of December. This is the last day that our courier company will be picking up our parcels this year.


    Opening Hours this Christmas

    We are open until Christmas Eve and do not return until the 2nd of January 2019 (feels so weird writing 2019!) By all means, please continue to buy our lovely products, but just note that the last despatch date is 21/12/18 and nothing with then be despatched/ processed until we reopen in the new year. You can find more details on our opening hours on Google but here is the breakdown of our hours over Christmas and new year -

    24/12/18 - 7.30 - Midday

    25/12/18 - Closed

    26/12/18 - Closed

    27/12/18 - 01/01/19 - closed

    Reopen - 02/01/19


    What's new after Christmas?

    We have something very exciting we are launching in the new year! Please keep your eyes peeled! We are working on something which will improve the way you can all shop with us and also what you can shop with us! Exciting right?


    Any questions or if your query is urgent, please contact us on 01252 786510. For general customer service questions please email

    Really hope everyone has an amazing time and we will see you in 2019!

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  • Top Quality Pewter for a very low price!

    Natural pewter is an absolutely amazing finish to pick when choosing your ironmongery. Most companies will sell Natural Pewter and Pewter Effect in their finishes. I wanted to share some of the examples of pewter we have and how you can use them. We also have just launched a fabulously priced clearance sale of pewter handles which could be perfect for you.

    One of the brands, Finesse Fittings, uses the best quality lead-free pewter (min 92% tin) which is entirely safe to use anywhere in the home and does not rust. Pewter has a warm and lustrous quality, which is hand-finished to give a unique patina. Finesse products are neither plated nor lacquered. Cleaning with a soft damp cloth will restore the original finish.


    Different styles of natural pewter handles

    The great thing about pewter is not only does it look great with its rustic finish,   it also has excellent anti-erosion qualities. There are many different types of Pewter that you can choose from, so some of these are as follows -

    Antique Pewter

    Hammered Pewter

    Hammered Pewter

    Pewter Effect

    Standard natural pewter

    We do provide our customers with both natural pewter products and pewter effect products. Obviously, the natural pewter is the better of the two and is normally reflected in the price. However we have a selection of them that have been significantly reduced, so you can buy real natural pewter and at a great price. Take a look here at the reduced range


    If there is something you cant find, chances are, we can get it for you. Just ask us! 01252 786510 or email us at If you are local, we do have a showroom you can visit if you wanted to talk in person - Unit 26, Waterfront Business Park, Fleet, Hants, GU51 3QT.

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  • What's hot right now?

    Ever wondered what everyone else is buying? I thought it may be a good idea for me to talk you through whats hot right now in the ironmongery trade!


    So you want to know what is hot right now?

    We thought our readers may like to know what is hot in the ironmongery industry right now? Our top seller for 2018 so far is our Frelan Hardware Cupboard Knob. It is 30mm in diameter and is finished a lovely polished chrome for all of you magpies out there. Not only does it look amazing, but its only £0.69 each! What a bargain! So what does this hot shiny top seller look like I here you say....Frelan Hardware Mushroom Knob

    Number 2 on the hot list!

    The second most popular product this year so far is the Hafele White Porcelain Cupboard Knob. Another shiny finished product for you magpies! Its is 38mm in diameter and only costs £1.20 each! Another hot bargain. These look great on chest drawers or bedside cabinets! Hafele Porclain Cupboard Knob

    So? What else is hot this year?

    There are a few other hot items out there right now, one of them being our 156mm Mitford Bar handle. It is made by Hafele and finished in Polished Chrome. It also has a great cost at £1.47 each. Hafele Mitford Bar HandleAnother most popular hinge sold this year is our Hettich Sensys Soft Close Hinge Set, Standard Kit with Wing Mount Plate.  SKU:  HE9071205K

    • 35mm cup diameter
    • 12.8mm cup depth
    • Suitable for doors 15-22mm thick
    • Soft-closing functionality
    • Complete with winged mount plate, fixing screws & cover caps
    • Sold as a set

    The standard soft close hinge option comes complete with a pre-mounted Euro screw fixing winged mount plate which incorporates basic height adjustment, a hinge arm cover and a hinge cup cover cap.

    The Hettich Sensys Soft Close Hinge is a highly innovative piece of kitchen hardware with an aesthetically pleasing design with ground breaking functionality.  If you are looking for a good value, easy-to-fit cupboard hinge to modernize your kitchen and impress anyone who uses your cupboards, the Sensys Soft Closing Hinge is the ultimate solution.



    We are always updating our best sellers on the site each week. Keep updated by looking on our home page! And please don't forget that we love to here from you, ask any questions you have or even if you want to leave us some feedback. Lots of our customers leave feedback here at trustpilot or on google.

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  • Standard or Euro - Do you Know the Difference?

    Euro Escutcheons

    We know some of our products can be confusing to the new or inexperienced DIY-er especially the term 'Euro' escutcheons or 'standard' escutcheons.


    We get a fair amount of feedback about euro handles, locks and escutcheons.  If you see the word 'Euro' in a title or description then this means that you need a 'cylinder lock' in your door for these items to fit.

    There are Door Handles on a Euro Backplate and Euro Escutcheons.  They have a large keyhole shape in them and this fits around a 'cylinder lock'.  Here is an example of a Door Handle on Euro Backplate and a Euro Escutcheon:

    Heritage Brass Euro Back Plate Euro on a Backplate
    Atlantic Euro Escutcheons Euro Escutcheons


    All door handles that fit on to a Mortice Lock, are called a Door Handles on a Lock Plate. They can also be a Door Handle on  a Standard Lock Plate.  If someone is referring to an Escutcheon, they mean a Standard Escutcheons.  Here are some examples.

    All types of escutcheons are used to cover the keyhole cut-out in the door, to create a nice neat finish.  They would be used if you have a Door Handle on Rose or a Door Knob on the door.  This type of door handle or knob is not mounted onto a backplate which would have the keyhole cut-out, so the escutcheon has to be a separate component.

    If you are every unsure of anything, please feel free to get in contact with us. We have a great team who are specialists in our technical department, who will always be happy to help you. You can call us on 01252 786510 or email us a and someone from our tech team will come back to you as soon as they can.

    We have many other articles which may be able to help you as well. Some of these are -

    Who's been upcycling -

    Help, I already have fixing holes -

    Top Tips for saving you money -

    Whats behind the door -

    Is there something that interests you, that you would like us to write about? Just let us know!

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  • Are you in the Trade?

    We don't just do a fantastic spend and save scheme here at Handles4doors. Are you in the trade? You could save 15% on every purchase with us going forward! Let's explain how it works...

    Open a trade account and recieve 15% off all purchases

    Whether you're a builder, an interior designer, an architect, a headmaster or maybe you're a project manager? We can offer a fabulous 15% off purchases to all of our Trade Account Customers.  Sound good? Let's tell you what you need to do now!

    Yes I'm in the Trade, what now?

    All you need to do is to get in contact with us and let us take a couple of details from you and set you up a trade account. This is free of charge and we will provide you with a login and password. Now you can shop online, with your permanent discount of 15%. You can get in contact with us by telephone or email - 01252 786510,

    What if I'm not in the Trade?

    Even if you are not in the trade business, we can still offer you savings. We have a spend and save scheme;  if you spend over £100 you will automatically get 5% off your shopping. If you spend over £200 you will automatically save 7.5%. If you spend over £300 you will save 10 %, and spend £500 you will receive 15% off your shopping. We also give free UK delivery when you spend over £95.

    You can always call and ask us if we have any offers on 01252 786510, or take a look on our website. We often have various offers ongoing, or discount codes you may be able to use.  We also wrote a blog on how to save as much money as you can on your purchases, take a look here.

  • Who's been upcycling?

    Upcycling is a huge industry nowadays.  Whether your upcycle projects are a hobby or a business venture or even both, they are becoming more and more popular. Cabinets, shelving, hooks,  coffee tables, chests;   you name it, we want to make our own. It makes us unique and helps us to stand out from the crowd, as well as giving us a great sense of achievement by creating our own pieces. In this article, I wanted to share with you some ideas of where to start if you're new to upcycling.


    Here is my finished creation! This was a very old, very orange wooden sideboard, which has been painted along with the fish tank. The handles are by Hafele and can be found here


    Upcycled Fish Tank

    So where do you start with your upcycle?

    I'm going to break it down into three small steps for you -

    • Where to buy furniture or items to upcycle
    • Where to buy materials
    • How to care for your upcycle

    Where to buy items to upcycle

    You want to make your expenses as low as possible, especially if you're looking at selling your refurbished item. To do this you want to source your furniture smartly. Here are some ideas -

    • Family and friends wanting to get rid off old or unused items
    • Car boot sales
    • Ebay/ Gumtree / selling sites
    • Facebook marketplace
    • The local tip
    • Charity shops
    • Local shops for wooden crates

    * Set yourself a budget and stick to it!

    Where to buy materials for you to upcycle

    Now you have found your item, you need to try and visualize the end result. Colour, finish etc. Remove any handles, hinges, hooks or studs that will be in the way of painting.

    For most upcycles you will want to - clean, sand, prime, paint, wax, add fittings. You can buy most of your materials from various hardware stores or online. Any new ironmongery needed you could purchase from a local or online ironmongery specialist. We happen to be a leading supplier or top quality ironmongery if you wanted to take a look here:

    Cleaning your upcycle

    When cleaning most items, you will just want to use something gentle such as warm water and mild detergent and a soft cloth. Always try this first and if it doesn't remove any stubborn dirt then there are other stronger cleaners out there, but you do want to try and avoid these as they can cause damage (I suggest testing a small area first). If you need to use something harsher than a soft cloth, then steel wool is a good option or you can use a toothbrush;  just don't rub too hard!

    Once you have chosen your desired cleaner, use gentle up and down strokes following the grain of the wood. You must wait for the material to dry thoroughly before moving onto the next stage.

    Priming your upcycle

    The first thing you will want to do is to sand down the surface, make any chips, marks or peeling paint disappear to a smooth flat surface or the best you can. This also creates a rough surface for the paint to stick to and will last longer.  It will also remove any scratches or chips or at least make them less obvious. Use a clean, dry soft cloth to remove any dust the sanding has created.

    There are many different brands and types of primers out there.  Primer helps to hide imperfections and create a smoother finish. Most well-known stores will have a wood primer and it will say on the tin how far it will go. There will always be people there to help assist you if you need help choosing the right one. There are some that only require one coat as well which will make the step quicker. Always make sure the primer is fully dry before moving onto the next step.


    Painting your upcycle

    There are a few different ways to paint your item, so try and use the way you think will be easiest for you. Spray paint, tinned paint, brushes or rollers.   Whichever way you choose, just make sure you get a good brand. Apply thin layers and allow to dry thoroughly in between coats. I normally do 2 or 3 thin coats. You can lightly sand in between each coat making sure you remove all dust before applying the next coat. Doing these steps should ensure the best quality results.


    Finishing Wax/ Finishing Lacquer your upcycle

    Now you don't want all of your hard work priming and painting to not be protected the best way you can, do you? So the best way to do this is to get a good branded finishing wax and use a soft cloth to rub it on your furniture. The instructions on the tin will tell you how long to leave it to soak in. You normally then rub it off with small circular motions. Some brands suggest doing this process twice.


    How to care for your upcycle

    If you want to keep your upcycle at its best for the longest period, then my best advice is to gently dust very regularly. Keep it out of the sunlight if you can, as it may fade the colour over time.

    Sometimes, things can get spilt onto our creations;   if they do, go through the gentle cleaning process mentioned above. When your item is an antique and you are unsure of how to care for it, please speak to an antique specialist and they will be able to guide you. If you are slightly worried, always test a small area at the back or inside to see how it will react.


    If you get stuck or you are unsure of something, give us a ring and ask us 01252 786510. or email












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  • Help, I already have fixing holes???


    This is something we are asked all the time regarding fixing holes. There are some occasions where you can reuse door handle fixing holes, and unfortunately there are situations where you WILL need to make new holes for your fixings. Let me break it down for you.

    Fixing Holes Sizes

    • Once you have measured the size of your previous back plate, you can then pick a back plate big enough to cover it or the same size.

    We have a new and exclusive filtering system to narrow your search. Most people try to order the exact same size as before. Measure the distance between your current fixing holes and between any marking where your Backplate will have been, then follow these simple steps below -

    • If your previously drilled fixing holes are in the four corners of the backplate you could buy a new backplate which requires just two fixing holes at the top and bottom. This way you can drill two new holes in the middle of your pervious holes. Measure your Backplate to make sure you purchase one big enough to cover all markings.
    • If you need to drill new holes, you can either do the above or drill new holes and make sure the backplate is big enough to cover the previous holes.
    • Worst case scenario;  you may need to start afresh and buy a new door.

    Always ask if you're not sure as I said above!

    New and Exclusive

    NEW AND EXCLUSIVE to us at Handles4doors, we now have implemented a new filter system where you can filter the size of your backplate. None of our competitors have this option, so we offer the fast way to search for what you need.  Narrow your search today by using this new filtering system.

    We are proud of being experts in the ironmongery industry and are happy to answer any questions you have.  We are currently scoring 9.5 and shown as excellent on Trustpilot, with thousands of very kind reviews from our customers.  If you would like to take a look at our reviews or even leave your feedback on your experience with us, click here for more details...

    01252 786510

    Unit 26, Waterfront Business Park, Fleet, Hants, GU51 3QT

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  • Tips for saving you some money on your house hold items

    Here at Handles4doors, we have many different ways to help with saving you some money. Here are some top tips just for you!

    Trustpilot reviews, saving you money

    The first thing is to establish whether you are are a trade customer or not. If you are, we should be able to open you an account where we can give you a discount on your purchases. Give us a call! it's worth asking.
    If you are not a trade customer, you could buy through a money-saving site. For example, TopCashBack, My Voucher Code, and Voucher Slug are some of the sites out there. We work with many affiliate companies and continually create promotions and offers to help with your saving budget. There a lot more than this as well;  it is worth looking around. We often have vouchers for a discount of 10%, 50% or deals on selected items.
    Ordering through the website TopCashBack, they have a scheme where you will earn money back on the items you buy. You will gain the offer which is advertised and then earn cashback on your purchase.

    Spend and Save

    Buying everything you need in one go is a great way to save on your purchases. The more you spend the more you save.
    If you need to order some handles for your kitchen cupboards, have a think about your other rooms or anything else you may need in the near future.  Are you doing up a children's bedroom? CebiJoy is a terrific range of children's knobs and handles.  Colourful and creative, your children will love them!  Do you need new internal door handles? What about that upcycle project you have started or want to start. Someone just ordered two crystal knobs for their bedside cabinets for example. Something that people seem to leave until they fall off are cupboard hinges.  Why not check yours now.
    Once you have your full order ready, the below amounts are what you could save.
    Please note that these figures are valid as of the publish date of this article. To be sure of our discounts when purchasing, please check our website or you can always call and ask.
    Currently, our savings as follows -
     5% off on orders over £100.00
    7.5% on orders over £200.00
    10% on orders over £300.00
    15% on orders over £500.00
    Spend over £95 and you are then eligible for free delivery. Read more about our policy here.

    How to gain the biggest saving

    To gain the biggest saving, order through a money-saving site and spend over £95. This way you will get the discount and free delivery and on certain sites, you will also get a percentage of your money spent, given back to you!
    You can always ask us! Call us on 01252 786510.
    Hope you found these tips useful, and thanks for following us. Happy saving!
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  • Whats behind the door!

    We are asked a lot about what can be used on an external door, so we thought we would give everyone some information on what you can use internally and externally. Hope it helps! Let us know!  We've chosen the brand 'From the Anvil' to highlight the type and finish of ironmongery available for a very traditional look.

    A lot of thought, care and research can go into choosing the ironmongery you want to add to your property. These finer touches enhance the look of any room. From period to contemporary finishes, there are many ways to achieve the looks you desire. What helps is that there are many types of finishes to choose from: Pewter, Black, Beeswax, Unlacquered Brass and some of these finishes also come in polished or antique. What you need to look into is which can be used internally and which are for an external door.

    Firstly what door do you have?

    From the Anvil Wooden Front Door

    External Doors -

    This should be the first question. If you have an external door it may be a composite door, which is made from various materials.  Some composite doors will have a multi-point locking system which would require a specific handle;  these can be found in our uPVC  Door Handles Category.  It could also be a double boarded door or any style of wooden door. Double boarded doors can be fitted using thumb latches and T hinges or lever handles and butt hinges. From the Anvil have some stunning finishes that can be used internally and externally and these include pewter patina, black, antique pewter, antique brass and polished brass.  If you have framed external doors, they are normally around 44mm thick and would have a 5-lever mortice lock with a lever lock handle.  In addition, one or two 5-lever deadlocks would be required for insurance purposes.

    Internal Doors -

    From the Anvil Internal Door

    The most common internal door in a traditional style, often seen in old cottages, is a plank door which is usually around 25mm thick. They can be fitted with a thumblatch and T hinge or a privacy latch. Your internal door could also be another popular style which is  the framed door. These vary slightly in size ranging from 30mm - 44mm.  As they are thicker they need to incorporate a lock or latch that is recessed or morticed into the door.  For this type of door you should use a lever handle or a mortice knob and these would require butt hinges.

    Once you have found your door type

    So now you know what types of ironmongery you need you can look at the finishes and which can be used internally and externally.

    Whilst the following can be used outside, be aware that they still need looking after and will still wear.

    External materials - Pewter, Black, Antique Brass, Antique Pewter, Polished Brass.

    Internal materials - Pewter, Black, Beeswax, Antique Pewter, Antique Brass, Polished Brass,

    From the Anvil Pewter Door Knob

    Internal and external use. The texture of this steel is beautiful with a pewter finish. It has excellent anti-erosion properties due to the complex process that goes deep into the metal. We recommend wiping this product with a lightly oiled cloth every now and again.

    From the Anvil Satin Black

    Internal and external use. Durable and corrosion resistant. It is especially resistant to moisture and can be used in bathrooms and damp conditions. This finish is baked in a high-temperature oven.

    From the Anvil Beeswax Finish

    For internal use only. The beeswax is used to preserve the beautiful authentic finish for steel. You can preserve the beeswax finish by using From the Anvil maintenance wax.

    From the Anvil Antique Pewter Finish

    Internal and external use.  This unique finish is achieved through a complex process which is applied to a solid brass metal giving it excellent anti-corrosion properties. It differs from pewter by having a smoother surface. As with the standard pewter, maintain the finish with a lightly oiled cloth every now and again.

    Heritage Brass Antique Brass Finish

    Internal and external use.  Treated to speed up the natural tarnished process. Giving an antique feel and look, it is burnished making it smooth in appearance.

    Project Hardware Polished Brass

    Internal and external use. All From the Anvil brass products are manufactured to the highest standard and come unlacquered, which can be maintained by polishing with a good quality metal polish. If the intention is to allow the surface to age through oxidization, then polishing is not required.  The brass will acquire a darker and more aged patina over time.

    If you are ever unsure of what to buy or how to maintain your products, just ask us and we can guide you through it. We have a live chat on our website or you can call us on 01252 786510. Email

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  • Keeping safe and up to date with fire regulations

    There is an awful lot of information out there, but it is still easy to miss something when it comes to fire regulations. I wanted to go through some of the basics with all of our followers, and try and make us all as safe as we can be.

    The Fire Regulations

    Ever watched one of those videos at work, of a cheesy actor not leaving the building when the alarm went off? Think we have all had to stomach one of these at some point! They are right in what they are saying though. Jokes aside, Its everyone's responsibility to keep safe, but from an employee's point of view it's even more important. The top things to make sure you are compliant with are -

    • carry out regular fire risk assessments;
    • regular alarm testing;
    • plan for an emergency;
    • staff are made fully aware of any plans or rules in place;
    • everyone is to keep alert of their surroundings and report anything if they think it would be a hazard.

    One of the places you can find the information is here -

    The other fire safety adjustments you can make

    One thing I feel strongly about is educating staff to know where the fire extinguishers are and which ones to use, also more importantly, when to use them and when to just get out. Sounds simple but in the face of a fire, some people may not be able to think clearly. It's worth going over this at least once a year (maybe get one of those cheesy videos, as boring as they are, they are informative).

    There are a few very simple things you can do to the workplace or home to make them a lot safer. Especially the items you can purchase to prevent a fire from spreading. This can seriously save someone's life.

    So, first, make sure you have good quality fire doors throughout your building. We have a large range of fire doors here. These can be used in the office or at home -

    You can purchase fire doors unfinished or prefinished. My advice would be to always buy the doors prefinished. The reason is, that if you are doing the finish yourself, it may be hard to get it looking consistent, and it is time-consuming. Buying prefinished doors is slightly more expensive, but worth it in my opinion.


    So...what else can you do to stay safe in a fire

    The are many different things you can add to your door or surroundings that can improve the safety of your home or workspace.

    Latches and hinges can be brought having been fire rated. These are highly recommended for use with you fire door into your garage from your home. Along with a mortice latch which is required by your insurance company.

    Pictured here is the Eclipse 102mm x 102mm Door spring hinge. It is a single action hinge with only opens one way, and the tension of having the spring mechanism will close the door. Spring hinges have gained popularity in dwellings which require self-closing fire doors, such as flats and multi-storey townhouses. They can be used on fire doors up to 1/2 hour rated.

    Fire door sring hinge



    A Dorgard is handy to have for when you want to hold a fire door open. Although make sure that staff are aware when it is appropriate to do this, or the door will not keep you safe in a fire.

    Fire doorgard in RedDoor closers are another product you can buy fire tested. Most are suitable for a 30-minute fire door. Featured here is one of our Hydraulic Fire door closers by Eclipse. Both the closing speed and latching speed are adjustable.

    Hydraulic Fire door closerThe other option you have is to use signage to make sure everyone is aware of the different things. Here are some of my suggestions;

    Fire door signage

    So, as you can see, there are many things we can do to our doors to make them extra safe. If you have any questions you would like to know regarding our fire doors or fittings please get in touch, we would be happy to help. You can ask us on our live chat or call 01252 786510. You can also email us at Hope you found this helpful!

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