Door Viewers

Door viewers can be used to add a useful security aspect to any front door by enabling the user to see who is behind the door before opening it. It can be used on houses but is more commonly seen in apartment blocks or hotels where people are constantly moving around the building.

Door Viewer Features

All of the door viewers on offer have screwing mechanisms which allows them to be adjusted to suit doors 35mm – 60mm thick. This allows them to be retro-fitted in the place of existing viewers. These products also feature 180 or 200 angles of vision outside the door.
Choose from classic finishes, like PVD and polished brass, suitable for traditional homes. Or for homes with more contemporary decor there are polished and satin stainless steel finishes.

Matching Front Door Accessories

Here at Handles4Doors we offer complete collections of matching front door accessories. Whether you’re going for a traditional or contemporary door viewer, we have a range of other fittings to match. Browse out letter plates, door knockers, centre door knobs and more now.

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