Aluminium Door & Window Furniture

Aluminium is strong, light and extremely versatile, which means it is an ideal material for door and window furniture. This metal is easy to handle, resistant to corrosion and virtually maintenance free. It is a natural, sustainable resource and most products can be recycled at the end of their useful life without loss of metal quality or properties, making it the perfect 'green' material

Strong & Versatile Design


Aluminium door and window furniture is most commonly seen in offices, schools and low-cost housing. For such a strong and versatile material, aluminium is extremely cost-effective and is increasingly being produced in more appealing designs. Door handles may be on a rectangular or curved backplate or a large square backplate which can be a practical choice when old door fixings need to be hidden. Handles on rose are also a popular option and the more designer styles can look very attractive on smart office doors. Aluminium door and window furniture is probably most often seen with a satin (matt) finish, but can also be produced with a shiny or coloured finish.

A Cost Efficient Choice

Pull handles, push plates and kick plates made of aluminium are very practical and inexpensive and therefore particularly suitable for use in schools and colleges and other applications where cost is a necessary consideration.