Chrome Door and Window Furniture

Chrome is an increasingly popular material for door and window furniture. The plating is strong, durable and extremely practical, making it the perfect material for door handles and accessories in heavy wear environments such as kitchens, bathrooms and exteriors.

Textured Contemporary Design


Chrome is often used in modern interiors, although, particularly in satin chrome, it can also look stunning in a more traditional or period style interior. Chrome lever handles tend to be made in modern designs, although the classic Victorian straight and scroll door handles on backplate are also available in polished chrome and satin chrome. Combination metal finishes are becoming more and more popular, particularly polished chrome and satin chrome, giving the door handles much more appeal and interest.

The feel of your door handles is very important and being shiny, polished chorme will feel very smooth to the touch while satin chrome is more textured. Door levers on rose in chrome have been designed using very round and fluid shapes for the lever handle and for the rose until recently, when more cubic, square and flat designs with square roses have emerged, giving even more choice within an already huge market.

Attractive Handles & Door Knobs


Strikingly modern designs look particularly good in polished chrome or satin chrome. Large kitchen drawers or tall kitchen cupboards look stunning with very long handles and for the fun-loving amongst you, the knives, forks and spoons handles in chrome are a real talking point.

Whether you like the more subtle satin chrome or the shiny polished chrome designs, you won't be disappointed with the selection available.

Polished chrome and satin chrome knobs can be used for many purposes. The shapes are almost limitless and will suit many applications, from classic designs for study and office furniture, to little flip pulls for bathrooms and funky wavy shapes for bathrooms.

The pull handle designs that are available now are so attractive that they are being increasingly used in residential applications. In a minimalist apartment for instance, pull handles in chrome and leather look absolutely stunning and can be subtle round shapes or chunky square designs with concealed fixings, if you're looking to make a real statement.

With minimal upkeep required to maintain the shiny appearance of polished chrome, this finish is the perfect choice for door knockers on exterior doors, particularly in exposed areas. Satin chrome will fare just as well and will not tarnish.

The Bathroom


Chrome is a good choice for bathroom doors as, in most cases, the accessories in the bathroom and the taps and shower head will probably be polished chrome. If you want to know if your bathroom is occupied, then a thumb turn incorporating a coloured indicator may be just what you are looking for. Although mostly found in public and commercial buildings, more subtle indicator bolts can be very practical if you have a house full!

Chrome door stops are great for a bathroom where the other accessories in the room will probably be chrome too. They can be fitted to the skirting or the floor, or even to the back of the door with a combined robe hook and door stop which is great for an uncluttered look or if fixing to a skirting or floor causes difficulty.

Kitchen Areas

For kitchens, polished chrome and satin chrome are the perfect choice, being both stylish and durable. Chrome withstands moisture very well and will keep its good looks for many years in kitchens and exteriors. A light dusting and occasional coating with wax will be all it needs to give you a lifetime of good use.

Window Furniture


Polished and satin chrome casement window fasteners and stays are commonly 8", 10" and 12" and can have visible or concealed holes for fastening to the pins on the window frame. Popular designs for chrome fasteners and stays are the wedge and the bulb or ball shape. Simple polished chrome window furniture looks very dramatic in a contemporary setting and looks even better if matched to the style of your door handles.

Chrome sash window fasteners and lifts are a perfect complement to a more modern interior or business premises. For a more striking effect, polished chrome looks very dramatic against a white background.