Builder's Ironmongery



Builders' ironmongery is a collective term used to distinguish hardware associated with the building and construction trade as opposed to general ironmongery. Many High Street ironmongery outlets today are better known for their pots & pans, cutlery, electrical goods, cleaning supplies plastic bowls, etc, etc, and very little in the way of architectural ironmongery.

Basic Door Fittings

In terms of architectural ironmongery, builders' ironmongery will encompass basic items used within the construction industry for doors and windows and general fixings. Generally, it is a term which applies to non brass ironmongery.

In terms of doors this will include basic steel hinges, shed tee hinges, gate and garage door hinges, garage door holders, foot operated bolts, garage door drop bolts, black japanned door bolts, cabin hooks, gate latches, suffolk latches, ring latches, trap door handles, hasps and staples, the items you often forget about. Basic aluminium door handles, cupboard knobs, cabinet hinges, roller catches, cupboard catches, ball catches and magnetic catches to name a few.

Window Catches & Hinges

In terms of windows it will include basic aluminium or black iron window stays and fasteners, window catches, sliding stays, window restrictors, easy clean hinges, stormproof hinges, security bars and other similar items.

The list of general fixings is almost unlimited but includes, nails, panel pins, veneer pins, wood screws, nuts & bolts, roofing screws, gutter bolts, coach bolts, carriage bolts, coach screws, rawl plugs, joining plates, corner braces, mending plates, stretcher plates, mirror plates, cup hooks and a host of other items.

Budget Hardware

Many items could well be classified under another heading, such as door handles, window stays, gate latches, hinges, fixings and cupboard catches etc. However, in each case the basic or budget version of an item can generally be classified as builders' hardware.

This is not to say that every builder uses the cheapest and most basic items, but it is not uncommon. The trend towards using budget hardware is declining and more and more specification builders are turning to companies like ourselves to enhance the level of fittings they use in the properties they build.