How To Fit Door Knobs In A Quick And Easy Way

The entire character of a home can often rest on the final choice of door furniture style, such as the type of hinges, locks and door knobs. As such, choosing the right door furniture remains an essential component of the overall design process. For such an integral part of your home’s finishing touches, it is important to ensure that you fit your chosen door knob correctly.

Choosing The Perfect Piece Of Door Furniture

Before you fit your door knobs, you should make certain that you are happy with them and that they match the other fittings of the room, such as the light fittings and switches. Of course, this part is entirely down to personal preference, but ensuring that the minor components of a room match is generally considered a sign of a well thought-out aesthetic.

Changing door furniture is a great way to update old or tired looking doors or cabinets without having to alter the entire room. Be sure that you are fully pleased with the handles before you fit them and, remember, Handles4doors offers a wide range of products, from contemporary and sleek to antique and decorative so, if you aren’t completely satisfied with your door knobs, then you can always find another knob to suit you.

The Quick And Easy Way To Fit Door Knobs!

What Will You Need?

  • A Power Drill, With A Spade Drill Bit And A Hole Saw Drill Bit
  • A Hammer
  • A Screwdriver
  • A 1 Inch Chisel
  • Some Screws
  • The Door Locks
  • The Door Knobs
  • A Pencil
  • A Dust Sheet

Fitting The Door Knobs

  1. Drill a hole in the narrow edge of the door, in the area where you would like your door knob to be. This will be for the latch which keeps the door closed and, as such, you need to ensure it corresponds with the hole in the door frame itself.
  2. Position and hold the latch plate over the hole in the door; you should be able to clearly see the hole through the latch plate.
  3. Draw around the shape of the plate with your pencil, then use your hammer and chisel to remove the wood within the marked area. Make sure that it is only as deep as the latch plate’s thickness as the plate should fit perfectly flush with the door when completed.
  4. Use a hole saw drill bit to drill a hole through the door in the exact position you would like your door knob to be placed. Drill right through the door until you have the same hole on the other side.
  5. Reposition the latch plate and, after marking the screw holes with a pencil, drill two small holes and then screw the latch in place.
  6. Insert the door knobs into either side of the door, ensuring that you line up the screw holes and the centre locking mechanism latch. This should fit into the door handle on the inside of the door.
  7. Finally, install the striker plate on the door frame itself in the same way that you installed the latch plate onto the door. Ensure that the latch is perfectly lined up and that it lies flush with the door frame.

Then simply open and shut the door! If you’ve done everything correctly, then the door should operate perfectly and provide that rejuvenation to the atmosphere of your room.

Handles4doors €“ The Widest Range Of Door Knobs Available

Here at Handles4doors we are proud to offer an incredible range of door knobs and door furniture, with unbeatable variation to suit any style of room which you might enjoy. From modern, sleek and stainless steel door knobs to antique, decorative and black steel, we are guaranteed to have something for everyone to enjoy.

For more information, check out our website, chat to our team via phone or email, or use our live chat service. If you’re in the Hampshire area, why not pop in for a visit at ourshowroom to see our range in person? Our address can be found on our website.

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