What Are Euro Cylinders Locks?

A euro cylinder forms the basis of many different types of lock. At Handles4Doors, we have a brilliant collection of euro cylinder locks that you can use to add to your home security, or to replace existing locks. Here’s a handy guide for all you need to know about euro cylinder locks.

What Are The Main Types Of Euro Cylinder Locks?

There are three types of euro cylinder locks: single cylinder, the double cylinder and the double cylinder with thumbturn.

A single cylinder lock is a key lock that is on one side of a door. For example, there could be a key lock on the outside of the front door but not the inside.

A double cylinder lock is similar to a single cylinder, but is on both sides of the door. You would be able to lock your door with a key on the inside of the front door as well as the outside.

The double cylinder with thumbturn is much the same as a single lock. The key lock is only on one side of the door. For example, you can open the door with a thumbturn and then lock it on the other side with a key.

How Can Euro Cylinder Locks Be Removed?

If you want to replace your euro cylinder locks you can do this easily with a cross head screwdriver in three simple steps.

  1. Unlock The Door – You need to first unlock the door and leave it open, with the key still in the lock.
  2. Unscrew The Fixing Bolt – The screw can be found under the latch.
  3. Remove The Cylinder – You need to line the cam up with the lock by turning the key while pushing on the other end of the cylinder. The cylinder will then slide out.

Once you have removed the euro cylinder you can fit your new lock. You can make sure that your new lock is the right size by measuring the length of the cylinder.

How Do You Fit Replacement Euro Cylinders?

  1. Make Sure That The Cam And Cylinder Are Aligned – To do this you need to put the key in and turn it until the cam is aligned with the cylinder. You will know this has happened when the cam is not sticking out.
  2. Slot In The Euro Cylinder – This is easily done by putting the cylinder carefully through the euro cylinder template on the door.
  3. Screw In The Fixing Bolt – Slot the fixing bolt through the hole that will still be there from your old euro cylinder lock and make sure that the bolt is inserted into the euro cylinder’s fixing hole. This will need to be done by feel. When you think the fixing bolt has gone through the fixing hole you can screw the bolt in place.

There is a wide range of euro cylinder locks available at Handles 4 Doors and they come in a variety of sizes to fit your doors. These euro cylinders come with anti-pick pins and hardened steel anti-drill pins so you know your lock is safe from lock pickers.

If you have any questions about euro cylinder locks and their advantages or installation, you can contact our team at Handles 4 Doors on 01252 786510 or you email them us [email protected].

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