Eurospec 70mm Euro Cylinder & Turn Polished Brass


  • 70mm size
  • Polished brass finish
  • Solid brass casing
  • 5 pin cylinder
  • 5 year mechanical guarantee
  • Complete with 3 keys
  • Sold individually (EACH)

The Eurospec 70mm Euro Cylinder & Turn Polished Brass is part of a competitively priced range of Architectural Quality cylinders offering an excellent level of standard security, each lock is uniquely keyed and there are around 30,000 possible keys. Each cylinder comes complete with 3 keys and a cylinder retaining screw. Locking and un-locking of the door is achieved by key from outside and turn from inside.

It has a solid brass casing and polished brass finish. Typically the cylinder will be used with a matching finish key escutcheon or will be fitted to door furniture of a similar finish.

Other Variations

The cylinder is also available in the following finishes:

  • Polished chrome
  • Satin chrome

It is also in different size variations:

  • 60mm
  • 80mm

Some of these variations can be found in the related products. 

An equal split cylinder is one with is split 50% each side of the central operating cam; for example, a 70mm cylinder, which is the most common size, is 35mm/35mm and can be fitted to the lockcase either way round. The cut-away for the central cam is generally 10mm; hence sometimes a 70mm cylinder will be referred to as a 30/10/30.

Keyed Alike Cylinders and Master Suites

The Eurospec cylinder range is available keyed alike or under a unique or stock master suite. If you have a requirement for keyed alike or mastered cylinders, please call customer services. As the possibilities are endless we have a small selection of keyed alike and mastered cylinders in stock, but generally they are produced to order within about 7 days.


<li>Differs: Approx 10,000 key differs</li>
<li>Keys supplied: Three per cylinder</li>
<li>Material: Solid brass casing</li>
<li>Mechanical warranty: 5 years subject to normal conditions</li>
<li>Mechanism: 5 pin yale key profile</li>
<li>Operation: Key operated one side and turn operated on the other side</li>
<li>Options: Keyed alike and master suites to order</li>
<li>Size: 90mm and 100mm to special order</li>


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