Eurospec 50mm MPX6 Euro Single Cylinder Polished Brass


  • 50mm size
  • Polished brass finish
  • Hardened steel anti-drill pins, plugs & disc
  • Conforms to TS 007 standards
  • Kitemarked – KM 585549 
  • Snap-off front section (sacrificial cut)
  • Anti-plug pull & anti-bump features
  • Special anti-pick pins
  • Sold individually (EACH)
  • Use with our ProSecure handles!

Many people have standard cylinders on their doors at home, but these are not the most secure locks available. To secure your doors properly, you need the Eurospec MPX6 Euro Single Cylinder. 

Anti-attack Features

This cylinder has a variety of anti-attack features in place to help secure your home:

  • hardened steel anti-drill pins, plugs and disc
  • snap-off front section (sacrificial cut)
  • anti-plug pull feature
  • special anti-pick pins
  • unique anti-bump feature

TS 007:2012 Security Standard

This cylinder conforms to TS 007:2012 standards – the new Kitemarked security standard for replacement lock cylinders and protective door furniture. TS 007 is a Technical Specification created in response to growing concerns over homes being vulnerable to attacks due to information available on the internet. A cylinder within the home should withstand 5 types of attacks:

  • picking
  • drilling
  • bumping
  • snapping
  • plug extraction

TS 007 covers all aspects of attack tests on cylinders and handles. It is aimed at the retrofit UPVC and timber door market; if you have a basic euro profile cylinder at the moment,then you need this one now! For instructions on how to upgrade your current lock to a BS Kitemarked cylinder, just click this link.

It is designed to offer similar levels of security of that found in complete door assemblies rated to PAS24 and complete lock assemblies rated to PAS and BS3621, 8621 and 10621.

Gain the Complete 3 Star Security Rating!

There are two ways to meet these standards:

  • cylinders marked with 1 star + door furniture marked with 2 stars = 3 star security rating
  • cylinders marked with 3 stars = 3 star security rating

In order to achieve this 3 star security rating you should use this cylinder (1 star rating) and one of our Eurospec ProSecure door handles (2 star rating). These handles can be found in the related products below, or for the full range, simply browse the complete Eurospec collection.

Options Available

The MPX6 euro single cylinder is available in the following sizes:

  • 46mm (including cam)
  • 50mm (including cam)

This one has a polished brass finish, but there are also other versions available – polished chrome and satin chrome versions, which can be found in the related products. 

There are also cylinder & turn and double cylinder versions available; these can be found in the Eurospec collection. 


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