Carlisle Brass 282mm x 80mm Plain Victorian Letter Plate PVD Stainless Brass


  • 282mm x 80mm outside measurement
  • 230mm x 50mm aperture
  • 260mm fixing centres
  • PVD brass finish
  • Solid brass
  • Complete with fixings
  • Sold individually (EACH)

The Carlisle Brass 282mm x 80mm Plain Victorian Letter Plate PVD Brass has a classic design and would make a wonderful addition to any front door. It has a hinged and sprung flap which pushes inwards.

It is made from solid brass and has a PVD stainless brass finish. PVD Stainless Brass is a finish which has a unique 25 year guarantee.Stainless brass is produced by a process known as physical vapour deposition (PVD). In laymans terms the process involves chrome plating, with zirconium, in a vacuum chamber at high temperature.The resulting finish is a highly polished brass look, which is impervious to oxidation or tarnishing.

Other Variations

The letter plate is also available in the following finishes:

  • Polished chrome
  • Florentine bronze
  • Polished brass
  • Satin chrome

There are also other size variations available (the following are the outside measurements):

  • 203mm x 75mm
  • 257mm x 80mm
  • 254mm x 76mm (contract version)
  • 276mm x 94mm
  • 402mm x 124mm
  • 305mm x 103mm
  • 359mm x 113mm

Some of these other variations can be found in the related products.

Matching Accessories for the Victorian Letter Plate

In the Carlisle Brass collection there are a range of matching accessories to be used with this letter plate. Some of these can be found in the related products or browse the External Door Hardware section for all products.


<li>Material: Solid brass</li>
<li>Operation: Sprung inward opening flap</li>
<li>Packaging: Sold individually complete with 2 fixing bolts</li>


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