Window Fasteners

Window fasteners are used in the home to ensure that windows are securely closed. With many variations available you are sure to find the ideal fastener for you, whether you require brand new or are matching up an existing one.

Lockable & Non-Lockable Fasteners

Most of our fasteners come in both lockable and non-lockable variations. Lockable options provide added security and are useful if you currently have window stays and wish to add locking features.

Variety of Styles

Our vast collection of fasteners feature all kinds of finishes and styles to suit you. We offer a range of classic shapes such as ball or bulb end and each design is usually available in a range of finishes; modern, traditional, rustic.

We also offer fasteners with specific plates and functions to suit your project – hook & mortice plates for modern weather sealed windows, wedge plates for traditional timber windows and espagnolette fasteners for weather stripped casement windows.

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