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  • What Should You Decide On Before Choosing New Door Knobs?

    When it comes time to replace door knobs, it simply isn’t enough to pick the first available option. These pieces of hardware act as your portals to each room in your home (how would you ever open the door without them?) and so deserve your respect! Here are some top tips on what to consider when selecting new knobs and how to work them into your existing interior design schemes. Continue reading

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  • Picking The Correct Door Lock

    It’s a common misconception amongst homeowners that the best way to replace door locks is to trundle down to the DIY shop, pick up the cheapest lock and then install it. Surely those brand spanking new locks won’t let you down and allow uninvited guests into your house? If you do shop this way, you’ll be in for a nasty surprise when creepers come a calling. Read our guide on how to select locks properly to avoid home invasion.

    Choosing Door Locks The Right Way

    First off, it’s important to ensure that the door locks you’re buying reach European and British standards of resistance against attack. Locks which have been tested by UK agencies will come with the SS312 Diamond Approved Standard mark or the BSI Kitemark. These will have been put through a rigorous testing process and come out on top in terms of security so install a few if you’re a homeowner. Continue reading

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  • The Ins And Outs Of Your Door Hinges: What Should You Know?

    When it comes time for home renovations, there are big and bold things to consider which can be very exciting. Who doesn’t enjoy picking out the design of your new furniture, updating the colours and decor to meet your ideal standards and generally turning the house into a well loved home?

    However, the devil is in the details. Take door hinges for example. They’re often overlooked but are absolutely essential towards making a home work as it’s supposed to. Think of them as the tyres on Lewis Hamilton’s F1 car; not the most exciting part but absolutely indispensible. With that in mind, here’s all the info you need to know about these pieces of ironmongery. Continue reading

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  • Contemporising Your Home With The Proper Door Handles

    One of the overlooked aspects of updating a house’s interiors is door furniture. However, with more and more people realising the benefits of updated hardware, such as the knowledge they’ve craftily spent their money on something that will improve their home, it seems obvious to contemporise with the appropriate door handles. Continue reading

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  • What Kind Of Cylinder Lock Do You Have?

    When it comes down to choosing which of the many Euro cylinder locks is suitable for your needs, it can be a little tricky. There a couple of distinct varieties available for consumers today. Here, we take a look at some of them, so you can understand the similarities and differences.

    The Different Types Of Euro Cylinder Locks

    In order to keep your home secure, especially if you have UPVC doors and the like, then you’ll need the correct locks. A number of cylinder locks are available on the market. Each has their own properties and operational mechanisms. Continue reading

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  • Some Top Tips For Securing Your Home

    Security is a concern for every homeowner. There is nothing more terrifying than the feeling of insecurity that a break in or robbery can instil. Your home should be your private sanctuary after all. You have every right to feel safe in your house, at all times of the day, and a number of security measures, such as installing a mortice lock on front or back doors, can help.

    Improving Your Home Security With Handles4doors

    Figures published by the government’s British Crime Survey have suggested that the majority of burglars will try and enter a property via a door. In fact, 70% of these criminals will try entering though a door with a further 28% forcing locks. Continue reading

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  • Nickel Vs. Chrome Door Knobs: The Clash Of The Finishes

    One of the big questions many people ask when hunting for replacement door knobs is the difference between polished nickel and chrome. It’s understandable as it can be tricky spotting the differences simply by looking at images on a website. With this in mind, here’s your handy guide to these finishes, courtesy of Handles4doors!

    Polished Nickel Vs. Polished Chrome: How Can I Tell The Difference?

    So you’ve come to choose some stylish new door knobs for your home. You’re looking for something that says “My interiors are modern, sleek and cutting edge.” If this is the case, polished chrome or nickel could be the ideal choice. Choosing between the two can be a little tricky as they’re quite similar so here we point out some of the more subtle differences. Continue reading

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  • Avoid Annoying Squeaks By Caring For Your Door Hinges Properly

    Giving your door hinges and other hardware the care they deserve should be something that every home owner should be doing. By giving these often overlooked objects some regular maintenance you can enjoy years of use – and none of those annoying squeaks!

    Why Bother Regularly Maintaining Your Door Hinges?

    Hinges, by their very nature, are objects that tend to get overlooked. We don’t think this is very fair at Handles4doors. By taking good care of them you can avoid seemingly small issues from growing into big problems. There are a number of other reasons why you should also go over your door hinges and furniture every now and again to see if they’re working as they should be: Continue reading

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  • Measuring Your Door For Door Handles: A Guide

    One aspect of fitting brand new door handles that is absolutely crucial is ensuring you’ve taken the right measurements. It’s always recommended that you measure your doors thoroughly. This way, you can ensure that your beautiful new handles, courtesy of Handles4doors, will fit perfectly.

    Measuring Up Your Door For Replacement Door Handles And Other Furniture

    There are several different parts of doors that should be measured, prior to the installation of new or replacement door handles. It’ll be very useful for you to know these so that you can continue to update your homes interiors in the future. Continue reading

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  • Big Mistakes To Avoid When Updating Your Kitchen Doors

    Every now and again, you may decide that your kitchen’s interiors are lacking that special something they used to have. Your kitchen doors may look tired after years of use and are in need of an update. You might want to splash out for some exciting new kitchen cupboard handles from our excellent range (you really should consider this if it’s time for a kitchen makeover!)

    However, there are some big mistakes that intrepid DIYers often make when undertaking a project like this. In this blog, we take a look at some of these and offer you some solid advice on how you can avoid them. Continue reading

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