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Window Locks

Window security is a very important factor to consider when considering your complete home security.  Windows can very simply and easily secured to give you peace of mind.  Window locks come in a variety of styles and finishes to suit any type of interior.  Some types of lock may be more convenient, depending on how often the window is opened, and it may be important to use a certain type of window lock for a child's room.

Restrictors, Bolts and Locking Pins

Window restrictors allow top or side hung windows to be partially opened and locked into place, making them safe and secure and allowing day or night ventilation.  Some window locks or window bolts will need to be morticed into the window frame, however, this gives a particulary secure and robust lock for your windows and is operated with a simple star key.  The lockable casement stay pin with key is another way to lock your windows securely and easly.  Simply replace on of the standard stay pins with the locking pin.  

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