Top Tips – Transform your Home with Lighting, Door Handles and Storage

Get creative!!! You don’t need to wallpaper or paint each room in your home to change the way something looks. Here are some ideas of how you can achieve different looks without breaking the bank.
A new lamp €“ believe it or not, this can actually change a look of a room! You can even make it a focal point using colour or pattern. Lighting is very important so look at your room and create zones with different types of lighting. Don’t forget about picture lights and undershelf lights in kitchens too.
Sofa and chair covers €“ I did this in my living room, and my sofa now looks more up to date and also it is protected from damage from the children. This is such an easy way to change the way your room looks. Use a throw in a fabulous colour  or fabric or have covers tailor made for your sofa and chairs.  You could even spray dining room chairs a different colour, or why not try having them in multiple colours.
Storage €“ purchase some new pots, baskets or pretty chinaware or glassware to store your accessories in. This could be for cosmetics in a bedroom or bathroom or stationery in a study.
Mirrors €“ mirrors are a clever way to make a room look twice the size . Try positioning one over a fireplace or in the middle of a long wall as a focal point.
Kitchen hardware €“ You can change the cupboard handles or knobs in your kitchen or bathroom, which can change the décor dramatically, with little money and minimal effort. For instance, changing them all from brass to chrome for a more modern look , or changing them for a bright colour or sparkling glass or crystal.
Door handles €“ as with the kitchen hardware, changing your door handles can help to create a different feel in a home without spending a fortune. Modernise your look with chrome, nickel or stainless steel. For a country feel try our new Tudor Collection €“ a range of black antique finish door handles, cupboard handles, front door furniture etc. For the more traditional look there is the classic rustic finish with its irregular surface or the new smooth black finish.  Shop from 1 July and get 10% off!
We can help you out with some of the above here at or pop into our showroom located at Waterfront Business Park, Fleet, Hants, GU51 3QT. Any questions or advice please feel free to call us on 01252 786510, talk to us on Live Chat or email

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