Union 2295 64mm Keyed Alike 2 Lever Mortice Sashlock Polished Brass


  • 64mm case size
  • 44mm backset
  • Polished brass finish
  • Steel case with brass latch/deadbolt
  • Non handed reversible latchbolt
  • Not pierced to accept bolt through fixings
  • Complete with strike plate, fixings & 2 keys
  • Single (EACH)

The Union 2295 64mm Keyed Alike 2 Lever Mortice Sashlock Polished Brass is a simple 2 lever lock with 20 separate differs; it is typically used on 35mm thick internal doors to provide a low level of security. Doors such as; study doors, bedroom doors and storage cupboards, where prying eyes and/or young children are unwanted.

Other Variations

The lock is also available as a keyed to differ lock, with a polished chrome finish and with a 76mm case. Some of these variations can be found in the related products. The larger size, with its 57mm backset, is typically used for knob sets and levers on roses, whilst the smaller size, with its 44mm backset, is typically used for levers on backplates.

Keyed Alike Lock

For security reasons, many householders like to lock all there internal doors when a property is empty and the 2295 lock in its keyed alike option is ideal. It is available of the shelf to key M31H. All the doors from any landing or hall can be quickly and easily locked with just one key.


<b><u>Not pierced to accept bolt through fixings</u></b></li>
Differs: 20 key differs</li>
Keys supplied: Two per lock</li>
Material: Steel case, brass latch and deadbolt</li>
Maximum Door Thickness: Ideal for 35mm thick doors</li>
Mechanical warranty: 3 year manufacturers mechanical warranty</li>
Operation: 2 Lever mechanism (8mm, 2 way action follower)</li>
Packaging: Sold individually complete with fixings (Non-handed reversible lock)</li>


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