Union 2294 76mm Mortice Bathroom Lock Polished Brass


  • 76mm case size
  • 57mm backset
  • Polished brass finish
  • 5mm bathroom spindle
  • Non handed reversible latchbolt
  • Complete with strike plate & fixings
  • Single (EACH)
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The Union 2294 76mm Mortice Bathroom Lock Polished Brass is an everyday bathroom lock providing a privacy function. It can be used with either a bathroom lever set on a backplate or a a lever/knob on rose with a separate turn and release.

Other Variations

The lock is also available with a 64mm case size (with 44mm backset) and in a polished chrome finish – some of these variations can be found in the related products.

Privacy Function

The privacy function is provided by throwing the built in deadbolt, using a turn on a 5mm spindle. The latch operation is operated from either side using a knob or lever on an 8mm spindle.


Material: Steel case, brass latch and deadbolt</li>
Maximum Door Thickness: Ideal for 35mm thick doors</li>
Mechanical warranty: 3 year manufacturers mechanical warranty</li>
Operation: Single lever privacy operation</li>
Packaging: Sold individually complete with fixings</li>


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