Union 1116 1 Lever Rim Deadlock Black Enamel


  • 108mm x 92mm case size
  • 51mm keyhole backset
  • Black enamel finish
  • Steel lock
  • Reversible handing
  • To suit doors up to 50mm thick
  • Complete with strike plate, fixings & 2 keys
  • Single (EACH)

The Union 1116 1 Lever Rim Deadlock Black Enamel is commonly found in cottage style properties on doors which are not thick enough to accept mortice latches; you may also find these kinds of locks on shed doors. 

The union 1116 rim deadlock can be used for many applications including shed doors, boiler rooms etc. on its own or in conjunction with a pull handle.


Material: Steel</li>
Lip depth 16mm</li>
Packaging: Sold individually complete with fixing screws and 2 keys</li>


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