Fulton & Bray Mushroom Door Knob on Rose Polished Brass


  • 62.5mm rose diameter
  • 58mm knob diameter
  • 65mm projection
  • Polished brass finish
  • Solid brass
  • Unsprung
  • Complete with spindle & fixings
  • Sold in pairs
  • Heavy duty latches sold separately

The Fulton & Bray Mushroom Door Knob on Rose Polished Brass has a classic, popular shape. The rounded design of the mortice knob means that it is both comfortable and easy to grip. The knob also conforms to BS EN 1634-1 standards.

The door knob is made from solid brass and has a polished brass finish. This finish will require regular cleaning with a soft cloth and non-abrasive wax polish

Matching Accessories for the Mushroom Door Knob

Please note – when purchasing locks and latches to us with this knob we recommend that they have backsets no smaller than 82mm (with a 102mm case) to accommodate the size of the door knob. Larger sizes can be used to allow clearance of decorative edging on the door. 

An appropriate heavy duty latch like the Carlisle Brass Delamain mortice latch will be required for all non-locking internal doors.  These are available separately; see Related Products and the Hinges, Locks & Latches category. 

Matching key escutcheons are available for doors you may wish to lock.  An escutcheon is simply a cover for the keyhole cut-out in the door.  Usually one pair is required for each door, ‘standard’ for doors with sash locks and ‘euro’ for doors with cylinder locks.  Locks are available separately; see the Hinges, Locks & Latches category.

Matching bathroom turn and release sets can be fitted to bathroom doors which will allow the door to be locked with a small turn knob in the inside and opened via a coin slot on the outside in the event of an emergency.  Using a turn and release set is a requirement of Building Regulations for new-build projects and is a very safe and convenient way of locking a bathroom door for improvements to existing buildings.  A matching bathroom turn and release can be found in the Related Products. A bathroom deadbolt or a bathroom lock would be required and these are available separately; see the Hinges, Locks & Latches category.

Fulton & Bray

Fulton & Bray is a brand by Zoo Hardware – it features a fabulous collection of elegant, modern glass cupboard and door knobs. 


<li>Packaging: Sold in pairs complete with spindle and fixings</li>
<li>Standard: Conforms to BS EN 1634-1</li>
<li>Testing: FD 30/60 tested</li>


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