Carlisle Brass Lion Head No.10 Door Knocker Polished Brass


  • 230mm x 120mm overall size
  • 126mm fixing centres
  • Polished brass finish
  • Solid brass
  • Complete with fixings
  • Sold individually (EACH)

The Carlisle Brass Lion Head No.10 Door Knocker Polished Brass is so called because it is an exact copy of one used at the Prime Minister’s pad in Downing Street. So if you want to add a little history to your front door and tell visitors that the Prime Minister copied your door knocker, then this lion head knocker is for you! It has a very detailed and interesting design – the knocker actually looks half man, half lion. A  strike plate is supplied with the knocker and it is simple to install using the fixings supplied.

This knocker is made from quality solid brass which is then highly polished and lacquered with a clear lacquer to protect it from corrosion. The most advanced lacquer available is used and, under normal circumstances, should give many years of good service. However, a little care and attention will ensure that your lion head knocker lasts much longer. All it requires is cleaning with a cloth moistened with soapy water and then dried thoroughly and wiped over with a soft cloth and a little beeswax. Never use metal cleaners or any type of chemical cleaners on polished brass as this will corrode the lacquer.

Matching Accessories for the No.10 Lion Head Door Knocker

In the Carlisle Brass collection there are a range of matching accessories to be used with this door knocker. Some of these can be found in the related products or browse the External Door Hardware section for all products.


Material: Brass</li>
Mechanical warranty: 10 years</li>
Packaging: Sold individually with fixings</li>
Size: Overall: 230 x 120mm, Centres: 126mm</li>


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