Carlisle Brass ‘3’ Numeral PVD Stainless Brass


  • ‘3’ numeral
  • 76mm height
  • PVD brass finish
  • Solid brass
  • Complete with fixings
  • Sold individually (EACH)

Door numbers have been compulsory in London since 1805. New streets were named and the houses numbered from 1765 onwards, when an Act of Parliament was enacted to bring a sense of order to household addresses. This design has an air of Victorian panache to the sweeping, round-ended typeface. The 76mm brass number is now the most common method of house numbering.

PVD Stainless Brass Finish

PVD Stainless Brass is a finish which has a unique 25 year guarantee. Stainless brass is produced by a process known as physical vapour deposition (PVD).  In laymans terms the process involves chrome plating, with zirconium, in a vacuum chamber at high temperature. The resulting finish is a highly polished brass look, which is impervious to oxidation or tarnishing.  


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