How To Measure Your Door For A Mortice Lock

How to accurately measure the door for a lock depends on the type of lock being fitted. The two most popular types of mortice locks are deadlocks and sashlocks. Measuring for other types of locks will require a similar method but a few differences will be involved.

How Do I Measure My Door For A Mortice Lock?

The process for measuring for a deadlock differs slightly to measuring for a sashlock but there are some common stages. Deadlocks only require a key to open a door, while sashlocks include a latch which is operated with a lever handle or mortice knob. Deadlocks are perfect for front doors because they can deter thieves, while sashlocks are more often used for back doors.

Deadlocks – If the deadlock was purchased beforehand, then it is easier to measure. In the packaging there will be a template to mark out where the mortice lock will go. It’s common convention to place the new lock 12 inches above or below any current hardware. Once the position has been chosen, tape the template in place and mark where the drill holes will go. Then do the same on the other side of the door.

If the deadlock has not been purchased, then it is a bit trickier to measure without a template. Start by measuring the back-set of the current door hardware, which is the horizontal distance from the edge of the door to the centre of the current lockset. When the location for the new lock is chosen, do the same from the edge of the door in that location. Finally, check whether the door will accept a smaller or larger case without interfering with panels, glass or embedded decoration.

Sashlocks €“ For this, start by measuring the stile, which is the distance from the edge of the door to any glass or panelling. If the door is completely flat, then this is not needed. The stile will determine the size of lock you can use. Once this is done check what back-set will fit best, and check the width of the back plate or diameter of the rose the lever handle will be on. This will ensure it does not interfere with any features.

If there is a pre-drilled hole for a mortice lock, measure the backset between the door’s edge and the centre of the whole.

Which Mortice Lock is Best?

Mortice locks can be used on back doors, front doors and even bathroom doors. The best lock depends on where it will be used. Deadlocks are considered best for front doors because they help deter intruders and can save money on insurance. Sashlocks are more common on back doors where it is common to have a lever handle for easy access. At Handles4Doors, we provide mortice locks for bathroom, bedroom and even cupboard doors.

Buy Mortice Locks From Handles4Doors

At Handles4Doors, we stock a huge range of locks for internal and external doors. They come in a variety of sizes and finishes to suit any door. If you need a replacement mortice lock, make us your number one choice!

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