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Night Latches

Nightlatches come in a wide variety of styles and in two sizes with many different capabilities.  To know which size you have on your door, measure the distance between the edge of the door and the centre of the keyhole.  If this distance is 44mm then you'll have a narrow stile nightlatch.  If the distance is 60mm then you'll have a standard stile nightlatch.  

Rim Nightlatches - Non Deadlocking

The main latch bolt in a nightlatch has a rounded leading edge and is spring loaded.  As you turn the inside knob the latch is withdrawn into the casing.  You can close the door by simply pushing the door into its frame.  A key is required to unlock them from the outside.  The latch can be deadlocked in an open or closed position by sliding the snib on the inner face.  A nightlatch should be supplemented by one or two deadlocks.  See our comprehensive range in both narrow and standard sizes in all finishes to complement your interior.  Chrome and nickel look great in modern interiors and brass is warm and more suited to a traditional or classic decor.

Rim Nightlatches - Deadlocking

On this type of nightlatch the latch bolt can also be deadlocked by the key from outside or the key from the inside. The holdback facility can be operated by rotating the handle and depressing the pushbutton and then released by rotating the handle again.  

It is very common to fit a cylinder pull to assist with closing the door and these are available in matching finishes.

Rim Nightlatches – BS 3621 Insurance Rated

If you are replacing your nightlatch make sure you buy one that is certificated to BS 3621.   Locks like this will be marked by the British Standard Kitemark.   

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