Do You know How To Choose The Right Kitchen Cupboard Handles?

Every interior designer knows that, in the end, a room’s entire aesthetic can be made or destroyed with the smallest of touches. Particularly in rooms like the bathroom or the kitchen as the finishing touches can change the room’s appearance and style in great ways.

Here at Handles4doors, we offer an extensive range of kitchen cupboard handles, including contemporary or traditional, simple or decorative and, above all, functional kitchen cupboard handles to suit any kitchen design.

Choosing The Right Kitchen Cupboard Handles

Thankfully, kitchen cupboards rarely come with handles already attached, enabling homeowners to choose the design themselves. It is left up to you to decide on which finish, what material and what style of kitchen cupboard handles you think best within your kitchen’s unique design.

When choosing your perfect kitchen cupboard fittings there are a few questions you will need to ask yourself and it is best to do so early. This way you can make sure that your overall kitchen design does not find itself partnered with inefficient handles, even if they look gorgeous within the proper setting.

The style of kitchen cupboard handle can mostly be related to the grain of the cupboard door itself, and the positioning of the cupboard, though other factors such as the material of other accessories should be brought into the same consideration.

For example, if you’ve decided on a rustic aesthetic, with a gorgeous wood-heavy design and natural tones, a distinct silver isn’t going to be a very effective colour to use for your handles, just as certain types of pulling handles are unlikely to go with the wood choice. If the wood boasts a vertical grain, then a pull handle which runs horizontally will break up the grain and make the entire kitchen look disjointed, whilst a vertical pull will suit the grain and contribute to the smooth, flowing atmosphere that the most attractive kitchens always boast.

In much the same way, a kitchen designed to be sleek and modern will not suit wooden doorknobs with intricate carvings or spiralling grain. Pull handles always look good on block colour, contemporary cupboards.

As important as design is, ensuring the functionality of your cupboard doors is the main priority. Consider the angle of the doors, the height of the doors and whether any other family members will be able to reach for the handle as easily as you can. Always position the handles of wall-mounted cupboards towards the bottom and the handles of floor-based cupboards towards the top, ensuring that they are comfortable to reach and open the door itself.

The Perfect Kitchen Cupboard Handle

Handles4doors provide inexpensive and high-quality kitchen cupboard handles for you to complement your kitchen’s unique design without having to sacrifice practicality.

To check out some of our fantastic and varied range of products, from kitchen cupboard handles to external door handles and hinges, to window security features, please take a browse through our online store or visit our incredible showroom in Hampshire!

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