The Ins And Outs Of Your Door Hinges: What Should You Know?

When it comes time for home renovations, there are big and bold things to consider which can be very exciting. Who doesn’t enjoy picking out the design of your new furniture, updating the colours and decor to meet your ideal standards and generally turning the house into a well loved home?

However, the devil is in the details. Take door hinges for example. They’re often overlooked but are absolutely essential towards making a home work as it’s supposed to. Think of them as the tyres on Lewis Hamilton’s F1 car; not the most exciting part but absolutely indispensible. With that in mind, here’s all the info you need to know about these pieces of ironmongery.

What Do You Need To Know About Door Hinges

Firstly, let’s take a look at the types of door hinges available for home owners looking for new or replacement hardware. There a few different varieties on the market but here are the most common options.

  • Butt Hinges €“ These are by far the most widely used form of hinge in the UK. Butt hinges are designed to be sunk into the door frame so that, once closed, the €œknuckle€ can be seen. They are easily adaptable and can be engineered to support a wide variety of different size and weight doors. A pair of 3€ butt hinges will be enough to hang any standard sized door on.
  • T Hinges €“ This particular type of hinge can often be found in older properties, like quaint little country cottages. T hinges were originally manufactured to fit barn style doors. A typical T hinge will feature a long arm that can be attached to either the front or back face of the door. The extended arm propels these door hinges from the ranks of mere functionary items to attractive features and an element of a room’s decor.A rule of thumb to remember is that T hinge arms generally want to stretch to around halfway across the door. For a 2ft 3 or 2ft 6 door, 15€ hinges are what you want. For 2ft 9 or 3ft doors 18€ hinges are preferable.
  • Butterfly Hinges €“ Butterfly hinges operate in the same way as butt hinges but are often used in place of T hinges to add an air of classic design to doorways.

What Should You Consider When Buying New Hinges?

There are a couple of things to bear in mind when shopping for new door hinges. Here’s what you should be thinking about when you go looking for these all important pieces of ironmongery!

  • Door Weight €“ Certain hinges are for use with internal doors and vice versa. For example, internal door hinges will often be used in pairs to take the weight of standard household doors. Heavy oak doors may use three hinges due to the heavy nature of their construction.Wide doors will place relatively more stress on the hinges than narrower doors of the same weight. This is because the further away from the hinge the weight is placed the heavier the load becomes. Keep this in mind when searching for hinges.
  • Usage Types €“ If your doors will take a lot of use, almost an excessive amount, they should be fitted with door hinges that have been designed to take the strain. Ball bearing hinges, for example, are known for operating smoothly for longer than other designs.

Here are a couple of things to tick off once you’ve made your way to our online store and begun the search for door hardware.

  • Internal Or External €“ Where are you using your hinges? Which doors do they need to be fitted on? Insurance companies will insist on minimum standard hinges for security purposes for external doors. Internal doors have much more choice with plenty of options available.
  • Type Of Door €“ Is your door classically styled or does it have a more contemporary look? This will help you decide on the aesthetic of your door hinges.
  • Function €“ How often will the door get used? Will it see low, medium or heavy usage?
  • Decor €“ The way you’ve decorated your house will affect the finish of the hinges. We’ve got a great collection of hinges in different finishes at Handles4doors so please head over to our online store today to find more.

A Huge Range Of Door Hinges At Handles4doors

Now you know how to select door hinges, head on over to our online store. We have a large number of hinges all manufactured by the world’s leading companies. You’ll also discover a collection of different forms and functions of hinges. Visit Handles4doors now to see our entire range.

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