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Fire Doors

What is a fire door? Put simply, this is a door that has a resistance rating against fire. It is used as part of a protection scheme to reduce the spread of fire through a building and allow occupants to escape safely.

Fire doors are fitted with an intumescent strip along the sides and top of the door or door frame. This seal lies dormant during normal use, but expands with extreme heat closing the gap between the door frame and the door forming a barrier against the fire.

Fire doors are available in a range of ratings that indicate how long the product can withstand heat and flames. The minimum rating is FD30 doors that protect life and offer 30 minutes fire resistance. Higher specification FD60 doors are also available if required.

Our range of internal decorative half-hour rated Fire Doors is comprised of styles in Oak, Clear Pine & White Moulded Doors.

All these doors are half hour fire rated and are available in all the popular sizes. With matching standard Oak, Pine & Moulded doors also available, you can be sure to find the right style for your home.

In the interest of environmental concerns and improved performance products contain mixed timber of various species with a veneered finish. Panels are either laminated timber or MDF with a veneered overlay.

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