The Door Knocker has a deep dark secret going back to Ancient Greek times!

The Dark Secret of the Door Knocker


Do you own a Door Knocker?  Most of us don’t know that it has a deep dark history!  The door knocker was first created by the Athenians thousands of years ago in ancient Greece. However it wasn’t really a knocker, it was a slave attached to a chain which was then attached to the door by a metal bar.  The slaves were then chained to the door to greet any guests.  The chain was there so they couldn’t walk off, and the bar was to wake the slave up if they had fallen asleep!

Eventually, people realised that the bar could be used as a weapon.  Because of this, it was quickly converted into a metal plate with a large ring.

The English take the Door Knocker to Heart

When the Door Knocker came to England, it was relatively simple. Made of cast iron and painted black.

In the 1800’s the door knocker became much more common and it became fashionable to be different, using Lion Heads in a brass and bronze finish.  A lot of people believed that they could bring good luck, or give protection to the home.  Below is one our lion head door knockers made by From the Anvil in a pewter finish.


Many of these symbolic symbols are Hands,  Lions Head,  Gargoyles and Horse Shoes. The Lions Head became most popular in the 19th century, signifying power, strength, pride and protection. It is still very popular to this day! 10 Downing Street has the very English Lions Head door knocker on its front door.

The Doctor Knocker

In the late Georgian times, people introduced this as a brass door knocker which was used to identify the home of a doctor. It also symbolises wealth and authority. These door knockers are still popular today,  just for their beautiful shape and design.  Below is a picture of one our doctor’s knockers. 

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