Buy With Confidence, Buy with Handles4Doors

As a member business of the Buy With Confidence Scheme we must comply with relevant legislation, resolve any consumer complaints in a fair and timely manner and understand our obligations to consumers. The Buy With Confidence Scheme is administered by local authority Trading Standards Services directly and is not outsourced.

To become a member of the Buy With Confidence Scheme we have had to pass a set of tailored background checks and answer detailed questions relating to how we run our business. Membership of the Scheme is not given lightly – we have undergone a personal visit from Trading Standards during which our complaints history was reviewed and references taken up from previous customers chosen at random by Trading Standards. We must agree to abide by the Scheme's Code of Conduct which requires us to follow the letter and spirit of the law.

We are proud to say that we met all of the Scheme's requirements and were granted membership in 2011. Our trading performance will be continually monitored by Trading Standards in order for us to maintain our membership and we openly encourage consumers to contact Trading Standards for advice in the event of any unresolved issues.