How To Choose The Right Cupboard Handles And Knobs For Your Interiors

For a complete and finished design the smallest details make a huge difference. That’s why choosing the right cupboard handles and knobs is an important part to decorating kitchens, bathrooms and other rooms in the home. But, not only do they need to be aesthetically pleasing, they also need to be functional and reliable so quality will play a huge part in your decision. With such a vast range of both cupboard knobs and handles available here at Handles4doors, how do you make the right choice?

Choosing The Right Cupboard Handles And Doors

Cupboard handles and knobs should match the cabinets they’re being fitted to, which means matching the overall style of the room. But considering the colour of the cabinets is also important. When you throw in the need for quality as well all the aspects of design it can be difficult to know where to begin, so here’s a guide to help.

Style €“ There are three main design areas for cupboard knobs and handles; traditional, modern and transitional. Traditional handles and knobs draw their characteristics from historical architecture. Antique brass and wrought iron are popular choices for rustic themes. Modern design consists of clean, sleek metals such as chrome and stainless steel. These are important features in modern kitchens and on dressers in contemporary bedrooms. Transitional means materials which can blend in with their surroundings. They can look traditional or modern so can fit with many different properties.

Contrasting With Cabinet Doors €“ For both traditional and modern decor, it’s important to contrast the colour of cupboard knobs and handles with the cabinet. Dark shade handles and knobs work well with lighter paints, brushed nickels looks great on stained wood grain and stainless steel handles really complement dark painted surfaces. Contrasting is not only good for aesthetics, but makes it more practical for those with limited sight.

Shape €“ For contemporary designs, long, sleek and simple cabinet handles look best, while traditional designs blend finish and texture, such as our wrought iron handles and knobs. You should incorporate both knobs and handles into the kitchen. Knobs should be used on upper cabinets, while handles should be used for ground cabinets. Work out how many knobs and handles are needed so you can calculate the total cost for your budget.

There’s plenty to think about when picking the perfect cupboard handles and knobs for your home, but getting it right will be worth the trouble. As well as style and practicality, it’s also important to consider cost. Poorly made knobs and handles will break due to constant use. That’s not a problem here at Handles4doors, though, and within our range you’re guaranteed to find the perfect match for your cupboards.

For The Perfect Cupboard Handles And Knobs Call Handles4doors

Your home deserves to be perfect down to the very last detail. That’s why at Handles4doors we offer a variety of handles and knobs for cupboards and doors so you can achieve your desired finish.

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