Rustic & Black Antique Doors & Window Furniture


Our rustic hand forged ironmongery is based on a traditional design dating back to the 17th and 18th centuries. Each item is forged by hand and many items have been given characteristic hammer marks at the edges. The final process is a protective coating of bees wax.

Door and window handles come in wonderful old designs such as monkey tail and shepherds crook. The cottage latch, devon door bolt and door pull handles have that warm old English appeal which suit beamed and thatched cottages.

Rustic Interior Range


The rustic range is not suitable for outdoor use unless it is adequately sheltered from the elements. Cast iron is susceptible to rusting if exposed to damp, windy or wet conditions and therefore is also not suitable for bathrooms.

Ludlow Foundries is a high quality imported black antique range of door and window furniture. Finished with black paint, it has a mottled appearance and is formed into attractive shapes such as curly tail, barley twist and 'fleur de lys'.

Novel Shapes & Style

For an English manufactured black antique range, Kirkpatrick is a superior quality malleable iron brand. Their range of black antique door and window furniture is extensive and includes door handles, bolts, thumb latches, door pull handles, finger or kick plates, letter plates, door knockers, window fittings, hinges and cabinet handles. Kirkpatrick bedroom door knockers come in fun shapes such as blood hound in kennel, laughing cat, bat, Lincoln imp and owl.

Both rustic and black antique door and window furniture are perfectly suited to the old county cottage or larger country house with open fires and ledged and braced doors which are the ideal background for this type of ironmongery. Natural wood, stone and gothic shapes are also perfect backdrops to either rustic or black antique ironmongery.