Materials & Finishes Overview

Door and window furniture and fittings are often made of solid brass which is then polished or plated. The most popular finishes are polished brass, polished chrome, satin chrome and satin nickel. Polished brass is simply the base brass material polished to a high shine and then clear lacquered to protect the brass from corrosion. Polished chrome and satin chrome are a solid brass base which is chrome plated. This plating is extremely strong and durable and requires very little maintenance to retain its new appearance. An alloy, known as Zamac, is also used as a base material for chrome plating. This material is inexpensive and allows us to offer excellent designs at slightly lower prices than solid brass, while still retaining the same designer looks.

Stainless Steel & Rustic Fittings

Stainless steel is an extremely strong and hardwearing material and very practical for commercial applications in high wear 'n' tear areas. It is available in different grades for residential and commercial projects and is being used more and more for designer products such as kitchen cabinet handles and knobs.

The rustic and black antique ranges are made from cast iron which is either waxed or painted black or pewter and these products are most suited to country cottages and period houses.


Glass & Porcelain Finishes

Porcelain is mainly used for internal door knobs and is a very practical and low maintenance material. It can be plain white, cream or black or combined with gold lines or brass, chrome and bronze fittings. Although not as popular, porcelain door handles are available in many different colours.

Glass and acrylic knobs and handles are becoming increasingly popular, particularly for kitchen cabinets and bedroom furniture. Clear, bright colours and combination colours and even bubbles are now options for glass and crystal door handles and knobs.


Nylon & Aluminium Handles

Nylon is strong, practical and hygienic. It can be produced in bright colours and retains its sharp brilliance and is comfortable and warm to the touch. It can be formed into many different shapes seamlessly so making a perfect material for many products.

Aluminium products have long been known as the economic alternative to other materials. However, it really is an amazing material. Aluminium is readily available and fully recyclable when it reaches the end of its useful life. It can now be produced in more attractive designs and is a perfect solution for the budget project. This metal is lightweight, making it easy to move around and manufacture into many different products. It is virtually maintenance free and resistant to corrosion.