How to choose interior door handles and knobs

choosing door handles and knobs


There are three main types of interior door handle or interior door knob, available in an array of styles and finishes. If you have new doors, then you can choose a lever handle on backplate, a lever handle on rose or a mortice knob. When chosen correctly they can provide the perfect finishing touch for both new and existing doors. The correct style will give your doors a polished finished look that everyone will notice! Accessories such as escutcheons and turn and release sets are available to match which allows you to put the handles on internal locking doors, as well as locking bathroom doors.

Door Handle on Backplate

A lever latch is a door handle on a plain backplate and for a locking door the backplate would incorporate a keyhole. For locking bathroom doors the backplate would incorporate a bathroom turn to lock the door from the inside. You will have a choice of many different finishes to match your décor, including polished brass, antique brass, satin brass, polished chrome, satin chrome and bronze to name but a few. Rustic and black antique style lever door handles are the perfect choice for cosy cottages and old medieval style houses.


Door Handle on Rose

A door handle on rose gives the door a more contemporary look and is often seen in modern homes and apartments. Most levers are mounted on a round rose, however newer collections now include square roses. Designers are coming up with some extremely innovative ideas at the moment, like glass levers. Other fresh new designs include coloured leathers combined with metals, chunky square shaped designs and stunning crystal levers.

When door handles on rose are used on locking doors they will be paired up with escutcheons or bathroom turn & releases. 

Escutcheons are to be used to cover keyholes and work with mortice deadlocks and sashlocks. Bathroom turn & releases are to be used on toilet doors and have an emergency release function - the doors can be opened from the outside by inserting a coin into the slot and turning it. These turn & releases are to be used with bathroom deadbolts and bathroom mortice locks.


Mortice Knob Sets


Mortice knobs are a firm favourite in period and country houses. Although all budgets can be fulfilled, they are often of a superior quality and design and come from the best English brassware manufacturers. Polished brass is a classic traditional finish, used extensively in more traditionally styled houses. Antique brass and bronze look stunning on solid wood doors in a classically styled interior. Cut glass is also very popular and often used on bedroom and bathroom doors. Modern designs complement the contemporary interior very well indeed and look stunning in chrome and coloured glass.