How to Choose Your Door Knobs



Door knobs are experiencing something of a triumphant return in popularity in all types of interior. The appeal of door knobs lies in their superb ‘fill-the-hand’ ergonomics and their no-nonsense shape and design that will fit in with all styles of interior design, from rustic and traditional to minimalist and modern.

When choosing a door knob for your home it is good to know what type of door knob will best fulfill your needs and blend in nicely with the style and feel of your home’s interior. The most common types of door knobs available are brass and chrome door knobs, china and porcelain door knobs, glass and crystal knob sets, black antique and rustic door knobs and wooden door knobs.

Brass and Chrome Door Knobs are the most popular type of door knob. These come in a range of finishes to suit all types of application. The classic brass door knob looks superb in traditional, elegant properties while the more modern satin chrome or polished chrome door knob will make a sleek addition to any contemporary setting.


China and Porcelain Door Knobs have a traditional, charming look about them and often feature patterned or flowery designs that make them the perfect fit for a country cottage or older style property. The smooth, fresh feel of the porcelain is one of the greatest appeals of this style of door knob.


Glass and Crystal Door Sets ooze, class, style and elegance, which makes this type of door furniture ideal for grand, graceful homes that are full of finesse and chic styling. Crystal door knobs feel fantastic, look even better and will make a real statement fitted to big wooden doors.


Black Antique and Rustic Door Knobs come in a range of styles and finishes to suit any cottage, country home, manor house or listed building and remain as popular today as they did many years ago. This style of door knob is full of character and there is currently a real trend to make them using traditional blacksmithing techniques, which only adds to their unique charm and appeal.

And finally, good old Wooden Door Knobs. They are as reliable as ever and their versatility makes them suitable for all kinds of applications. They are especially popular in rustic interiors and are commonly used on bedroom doors.

When choosing door knobs for your home it is important to make sure you select the correct latch to go with your knob set to provide enough room for your hand to turn the knob without grazing your knuckles on the door frame. A 76mm case or deeper is ideal and you should always attempt to have the centre of the knob at least 57mm away from the edge of the door.